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What Is KENKA METAVERSE (KENKA) ? Complete Guide & Review About KENKA METAVERSE


KENKA METAVERSE The best selling app, KENKADO, played by 3 million players enters the metaverse. Street fighters from all around the world will gather and fight to see who is the toughest in KENKADO metaverse. The legend is about to begin as gangs, thugs, martial artists, cyborgs, and even mutants will fight to see who’s the number one and to conquer the world. Using the mechanics of explosive increase for cryptocurrencies, we encourage climate preservation while bearing in mind the happiness of our token holders.

KENKA METAVERSE will offer cryptocurrency mining operations designed and maintained by a team of industry professionals and professional employees on behalf of the community—created owing to utility token. To achieve optimum mining efficiency, the management works with assemblers of modern technology at wholesale costs with high-level security to safeguard the community investment.

KENKA METAVERSE The community gets a Binance BEP20-based XCA token representing their community participation. The mined cryptocurrencies will be sold to generate revenue, and from the payment, after deducting the power & running costs, profit will be derived. From the profits, 5% will be retained by the company for administrative and fixed expenses. From the balance profit of 95%, the company will use 47.5% (50% of the profit after a deduction of 5%) to buy token from the Crypto Exchanges at market price, which will be burned with the proof burn. Balance 47.5% will be used to expand crypto mining farms with the latest cutting-edge mining technology to boost revenues further.

KENKA METAVERSE Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameKENKA
Circulating Supply46.49B KENKA
Max Supply464,946,494,649,464
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In KENKADO metaverse, NFTs like cars, motorcycles, fashion, and weapons will be dropped. Players are able to own the land in KENKADO metaverse

Game Ecosystem

KENKA METAVERSE metaverse takes place in real life cities around the world. The stage is set for street fights in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Okinawa, New York, LA, London, China, and Korea. Players can either buy their own land in the metaverse, or bet and take it away from their enemies.


KENKA METAVERSEThe metaverse offers a variety of fighting styles along with numbers of avatars. In order to get various types of fighting styles, go get the one and only “Fighting Style” NFTs.

Private Land

Individuals will be able to buy and sell the land through auctions. The number of plots for sale will gradually increase, but initially, planned to be sold through NFT auctions.


KENKA METAVERSE A set of individuals can come together to form a group and always have free access. Initially, this land will be only available to the group leader at the NFT auction.

Sponsored Land

KENKA METAVERSE Metaverse is available for sponsorship. Basically limited to companies and celebrities. Sponsored land can be used to build billboards, shops, offices, and more in the metaverse. Have an opportunity to host the “KENKADO” competition.

Creating Group

Chat will also be implemented to communicate with players around the world, allowing them to form their own teams and even fight with other groups. There will be a single player battle mode and a team battle mode, allowing you to play in a variety of situations.

NFTs you’ll get in Street Fights

KENKA METAVERSE The game is set in various countries around the world, and there are tons of different types of enemies. By winning the fight or the battles, you will earn NFTs from the enemy that you defeated. What’s even more exciting is that you can battle with players from all over the world for tokens, NFTs, and land. This mechanism also applies in group battles, allowing you to form a “rich and infamous” team by scouting or becoming friends with them.

Street Fight Contests

KENKA METAVERSE Metaverse will be hosting regular street fight contests. Planned to reward the winners with exclusive NFTs and cash (tokens). Other than street fights, planning to host the fashion festival and customization contests for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.


KENKA METAVERSE The dev team is supported by gaming companies and blockchain companies in Asia, including SNS-ENTERTAINMENT, the company that developed the KENKADO app. We will be posting a blog about the development and updates, so stay tuned for the further announcements.