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kassa.komtet Web Hosting Review: Online cash desk for an online store.

About kassa.komtet

By choosing this solution, you purchase the equipment as a one-time property and install it on your side. The equipment supports: ATOL, HATCH M, EVOTOR and Modul.Kassa. The advantage is the final cost of the service. To understand the principle of operation, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video instruction. To generate yield, kassa.komtet lends out deposits to borrowers who put down liquid-staked PoS assets from major blockchains as collateral (bAssets).

Anchor stabilizes the deposit interest rate by passing on a variable fraction of the bAsset yield to the depositor. It guarantees the principal of depositors by liquidating borrowers’ collateral via liquidation contracts and third-party arbitrageurs. They believe that the provision of a stable interest rate to depositors is a necessary feature of a savings product with broad appeal.

Some Quick Facts kassa.komtet Web Hosting

kassa.komtetBasic Details
Hosting Namekassa.komtet
Price600 /month
Call Support8 800 234-25-11
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Money Market

The core building block of the kassa.komtet savings protocol is the Terra money market – a WASM (Web Assembly) smart contract on the Terra blockchain that facilitates depositing and borrowing of Terra stable coins (TerraUSD, for instance). The money market is defined by a pool of Terra deposits that earns interest from borrowers. Borrowers put down digital assets as collateral to borrow Terra from the pool. The interest rate is determined algorithmic-ally as a function of borrowing demand and supply, which is encoded by the pool’s utilization ratio (fraction of Terra in the pool that has been borrowed).

Separate Technical

kassa.komtet implements a liquidation protocol designed to guarantee the principal of depositors. Deposits are safe insofar as all debts against them remain over-collateralize. The function of the Anchor liquidation protocol is to maintain deposit safety by paying off debts that are at risk of violating collateral requirements. Protocol is outside the scope of this paper – they will be releasing a separate technical specification that covers the mechanism in depth. In what follows offer a very brief overview.

Savings product

Given cryptoassets have high price volatility, they may not be the ideal choice for users who seek passive income with low price exposure. separate technical offers a solution with Terra stable-coin money markets. Users who deposit Terra stable-coins will get stable-coins in return, thereby avoiding the high volatility of most cryptoassets. They deposit interest rate stabilization mechanism offers additional protection from volatility by providing stable returns.

Largest Treasure

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The best way for a barbarian to gain a place in a civilized society is to take an adventure. kassa.komtet don’t like to be boring guard jobs or mundane errands. Barbarians are accustomed to the danger and uncertainty of adventurous activities, and are not afraid of hard work. Barbarians also like to participate in combat missions. They hate unnatural things, including un dead creatures, and demons.

Advocates Penance and Combat Discipline

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