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What Is Joe Hat Token (HAT)? Complete Guide Review About Joe Hat Token.

What Is Joe Hat Token (HAT)?

Joe Hat Token don’t want to lure investors in with high APRs, then retroactively lower your numbers because knew your project was unsustainable from the start. Essentially, any project that offers daily returns over 2% won’t last very long. They will either have to lower their daily returns or collapse after a month or two. They believe that the safe range is between 0.5% and 1.5% daily. Your tokenomics are designed around your research and these numbers, which is discussed in the Etherstone Nodes section. Etherstones provide the ability to either claim or compound your node every 48 hours (2 days). If you compound, a boost in the form of the compound bonus will be applied to your node.

Joe Hat Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJoe Hat Token
Short NameHAT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Version of Reflections

Since your project provides income in two separate ways, $ETHS and Wrapped Ethereum, they are able to approach reflections completely differently from the norm. Currently, nearly (if not all) Reflection Tokens are implemented such that there is a tax on every buy, sell, and transfer of the token. All holders of the token will receive rewards. Taxes are applied on every claim or compound of an Etherstone Node. Additionally, taxes are applied only on sells of $ETHS. These three actions factor into the amount of reflections a Vault staker will receive.

Joe Hat Token earn reflections in Etherstones, you have to stake your tokens in the Vault. This significantly changes the landscape of reflection tokenomics. The distribution pool is no longer the total supply of the token, but only a small fraction of it. Additionally, taxes will be more complex than just buys and sells.


Traditionally, reflections are generated through only buys and sells of a token. This means that if the volume of a token dies down, so will the reflections. However, now a large portion of reflections are taken from node claims and compounds. Nodes provide perpetual yield, and they will have a perpetual supply of token to sell and reflect. The goal of the Dashboard is to provide a clear, concise way for an investor to keep up-to-date with the current Etherstone statistics. They attempt to be as transparent as possible when displaying data.

Approach to Lack of Scarcity

Joe Hat Token will not launch your nodes as NFTs. Instead, all nodes will initially be normal Nodes, but they will upgrade them to NFTs after some time has passed. The reasoning behind this is to allow for Nodes to become scarce. Your nodes follow a system where you can continuously upgrade them and increase their daily yield. Some people will choose to follow the path of upgrading their nodes, and some will just claim their reward every day. After enough time has passed, some Nodes will be vastly better than others, which will allow for scarcity and a flourishing ecosystem.

Approach to NFT Marketplaces

To reiterate, the main problem with current NFT Marketplaces are that they deal in AVAX instead of the native token. To counteract this, have a temporary system in place. Your developers have implemented a function to transfer Etherstones between accounts, but it is restricted to only authorized users. They will have a middleman system in place where you can trade Etherstones for $ETHS, but it will not be available immediately at launch. The reasoning for this is to allow time for people to create nodes without worrying about price fluctuations. Joe Hat Token believe that a trading/selling system is harmful immediately at launch, but will open it up shortly after.

How it Works

When purchasing an Joe Hat Token, you will be able to enter a custom amount as long is it’s in the valid range. The only difference in paying more for an Etherstone is to increase the locked amount. Each one of these nodes has a base daily return and a compound boost. The base daily return is the amount you will receive per day without compounding at all. Compounding will be explained in the following section. If you compound your Ethereum rewards into the Vault, your rewards will automatically be converted into $ETHS and staked in the vault.

Where do the compounded tokens go?

The compounded tokens go directly into the Vault. These tokens have a 4 day lockup period, but you will be earning Ethereum reflections from generated taxes while they are staked in the Vault. Joe Hat Token After four days, you are free to withdraw them and do as you please. Each time you reach a new tier, your Etherstone will receive a visual upgrade. Additionally, the bonus multiplier will be applied to the current compound boost.

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