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What Is Etherstones (ETHS)? Complete Guide Review About Etherstones.

What Is Etherstones (ETHS)?

Etherstones is an innovative DaaS on the Avalanche Network, focused on long-term growth and sustainability. They are the fusion of Nodes as a Service and Reflection tokenomics. Leverage our unique protocol to generate passive income in multiple ways. They provide income to everyone in the form of Ethereum (wETH.e on Avalanche) and our native token, ETHS. Get started with as little as 5 ETHS to earn lifetime rewards from your Etherstone. We currently offer daily returns up to 1.578%. Etherstones are more than just nodes. They are soon-to-be NFTs waiting to be released into the DeFi ecosystem and taken cross-chain. Introduced by Louverture, compounding is where you take your pending node rewards and re-use them to improve your node. This concept is highly effective in tokenomics as it incentivizes earnings to stay in the ecosystem.

Etherstones Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEtherstones
Short NameETHS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply4,812,335
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Sustainable Yield

Etherstones offer realistic daily returns through re-investing your Treasury into the project. Your treasury investments range from safe protocols such as Delta Neutral to riskier investments in emerging protocols. This allows to perform routine buybacks to mantain your high APR. I can take my daily reward of 1 COIN and compound it back into the node to earn an additional 0.01 COIN per day. The more I do this, the more my node will earn per day.


One of your biggest goals is to become as decentralized as possible. Community votes will be held if any sort of issue arises, and they will take any steps necessary to maintain Etherstones long term. Your community is your top priority and aim to be as transparent as possible.

Long Term

Etherstones is not going anywhere. Etherstones are designed to last long term and will continuously focus on improving your project. Expect new and exciting innovations in the realm of P2E games, cross-chain protocol expansions, and more NFTs. This is only the beginning.

How it Works

Create an Etherstone or stake your ETHS into the Vault to earn sustainable and fully transparent passive income. Generated fees are distributed to Vault stakers and reinvested into the project to maintain high APR and a healthy ecosystem.

Create an Etherstone

  • Buy $ETHS – Available on TraderJoe
  • Create one of four types of Nodes:
  • Pebble: 5 – 8 $ETHS
  • Shard: 25 – 40 $ETHS
  • Stone: 125 – 200 $ETHS
  • Crystal: 625 – 1000 $ETHS
  • Earn daily rewards—up to 1.578%
  • Compound your rewards into the Vault to increase your daily earnings and receive passive Ethereum reflections

Stake in the Vault

80% of all taxes are distributed to Vault stakers. Earn passive Ethereum income just by holding $ETHS in the Vault. Etherstones permanently generate $ETHS allowing for a steady flow of taxes into the Vault. More in existance means more taxes to be distributed. Unlike other reflectionary tokens, your Vault will never suffer from a lack of volume. They have big plans for the future. Etherstones is in its early stages and only just getting started. Get ready for Play to Earn games, NFTs, cross-chain expansions, and a full-on brand in the Metaverse.

Why did create Etherstones?

After watching many protocols rise and fall in the DeFi space, they noticed an opportunity to create something that had never been done before. They believe that combining Nodes with Reflection tokenomics can seamlessly merge to provide high, sustainable APR.

Nodes as a Service (DaaS)

Nodes as a Service first originated with Ring Financial. After experiencing huge growth due to their innovation of a new protocol, an exploit was found in their smart contract which led to their shutdown. However, the idea of Nodes as a Service has been adopted by many other successful protocols and remains a popular investing strategy today.

The concept of Nodes as a Service has been continually improved upon. Louverture innovated with “compounding” of nodes, but their project ran into issues due to unrealistic tokenomics and leadership conflicts. Recently, innovated by introducing nodes as NFTs. This allowed a secondary marketplace to exist which had its positives and negatives. There were many issues with the launch that will cover later in this documentation.

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