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What Is HighPoint Finance (HPT)? Complete Guide Review About HighPoint Finance.

What Is HighPoint Finance (HPT)?

Rental yield from properties held in the USDR treasury is collected, converted to DAI and paid into the treasury on a daily basis. New USDR is minted to account for the increased treasury and distributed proportionally in the form of a daily rebase. Thus, the USDR supply expands by the amount of DAI received from rent. HighPoint Finance collect the daily rebase, users will simply need to stake their USDR at Tangible. As the properties backing the TNFTs increase in value, USDR becomes even more overcollateralized, strengthening over time. Once the treasury reaches 130% overcollateralization through the strength of reassessed property values, any incremental appreciation will be minted and paid back to stakers in the form of a rebase, increasing APY and daily yield payments.

In the event that USDR collateralization falls below 100%, yield payments will be retained by the treasury as stablecoin holdings and redeployed to procure additional property. HighPoint Finance counteracts the decline in treasury value and recollateralizes the system using built-in mechanisms. To jumpstart the growth of USDR, Tangible will deploy a highly competitive affiliate program aimed at incentivizing KOLs, thought leaders and grass-roots influencers to promote the product.

HighPoint Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHighPoint Finance
Short NameHPT
Circulating Supply2.76B HPT
Total Supply3,682,432,057
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Affiliate Program

Affiliates will get credit for a referral once a user has clicked their link, minted USDR and staked it for 7 days. HighPoint Finance long as a user is using the affiliate link, an affiliate can be credited an unlimited number times for any new USDR that a user mints and stakes for the required timeframe. The affiliate portal will track each referred transaction attributed to the affiliate along with their payout and a status on funds release. Payments are made in USDR and are automated, with the entire program running on-chain to ensure transparency.

For payouts to be made, of the total minted amount credited to an affiliate, a minimum of 90% must be staked at any time. HighPoint Finance prevents abuse by people minting, staking, claiming rewards, then after seven days unstaking, redeeming and minting again. It shows the affiliate is bringing in sticky capital not abusing the system.

If newly-minted USDR were partially unstaked during the seven day window, the rewards will only be paid on the lowest balance during that period. Affiliates will not be able to refer themselves for the program.Tangible reserves the right to remove any affiliate from the program at any time if they believe that they are abusing the system. Any rewards currently within the seven day staking window will be immediately forfeited.

Online staking platform

Numerous thoughts cross down your heads when talk about future. It’s always feasible to create more money when money becomes digital as you work with blockchains which powers financial network. HighPoint Finance world today needs a transformation with the empire of crypto. Not only in the ease of trading but entrepreneurs would be able to generate more employment when the existing financial structure is overhauled. With the rise of blockchain technology there are a greater number of participants who are willing to grow digitally. Undoubtedly, a decentralized financial system is beneficial to everybody pertaining financial discrimination.

Future is all about Metaverse and things being online, especially when it comes to banking, investing, staking or say staking. It’s a catchy amalgamation of the virtual and the physical world which is soon to be omnipresent. And hence they have presented you the Sincere Cate. But before the decade ends Sincere Cate will have a great role to stake in the future of Sincere Cate. HighPoint Finance is a shift as you have blockchain based Sincere Cate where the tokens rule. Sincere Cate is an online staking platform which is a platform where you can stake a particular amount on which you receive interest on the fixed time period.

It would be launched on PancakSwap, PooCoin and so on providing inexpensive and faster results. HighPoint Finance is maintained, governed and owned by its members. They believe that the diamonds should belong to the investor unlike the house. This platform allows its users in participating governance, providing liquidity and to earn rewards for playing games.

Entertaining community for investors

The vision of Sincere Cate is to achieve a long-term firm position in the NFT market by helping the Crypto investor to invest and earn by the means of your platform for investment. To provide a healthy and entertaining community for investors. HighPoint Finance keep up with evolution of metaverse and to serve as a gateway to invest by incorporating changes and improvements at different stages of its growth and development. The mission is to amalgamate the profitable and the fun experience by providing a stake and earn opportunity through the means of your staking platform.


Blockchain is a system which records the information in such a way that makes it impossible or difficult to cheat the system, to hack or to change it. It is essentially a digital ledger. HighPoint Finance ledger which is duplicated, which is distributed across the entire network of computer systems listed on blockchain. There are numerous transactions in each block in the chain and every time a new transaction occurs, a record of that transaction is added to the ledger of every participant. This decentralised database is managed by multiple participants combinedly known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Blockchain is also a type HighPoint Finance which records the transactions with a cryptographic signature which is immutable named as hash. DLT is programmable, distributed, secure, anonymous, time-stamped, immutable and unanimous. So, this means that if one block in one chain is tempered, it would be apparent immediately. Also, if hackers wish to change a chain, the person has to change every block across the distributed versions of chain which is a difficult task to do.

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