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What Is Fairy Forest NFT (FFN)? Complete Guide Review About Fairy Forest NFT.

What Is Fairy Forest NFT (FFN)?

Fairy Forest NFT is an NFT game based on a web browser that strives to be recognized as the best of gaming crypto projects. In this world, you can sow, grow your own plants and fight with other Players. Each plant is a unique NFT creature that can possess artifacts for improvements elixir, crystal, magic stone and root. Combine them together to create new rare and exciting combinations of benefits. Plants with a higher level can defeat stronger enemies and get better rewards. Everyone has the same opportunity to get plants. Any plant can grow from seven, from the most common to the rarest.

Artifacts are rare magical elements that give more advantages to the plant for a while protection, health, reward and attack. Rental each player has the possibility to have on his farm. In it, you can have 4 basic plants plus 1 mother tree. Fairy Forest NFT plants can also be used in all future game modes. The main game tab will allow you to buy seeds/plants in the Market, tools, skins and various other things. In addition, they will use an oracle and stable coin system to limit earnings based on the amount of money your players spend in the game.

Fairy Forest NFT Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFairy Forest NFT
Short NameFFN
Circulating Supply500,000,000.00 FFN
Total Supply500,000,000
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Market and target audience

Fairy Forest NFT is a project designed to play on the web, from computer, tablet or mobile, with access to everyone. No previous knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. Therefore, they use successful games like PvZ, Bloons TD to compare with your game. They understand the importance of what NFTs game provides real ownership, play to earn real value, market implementation for NFTs.

  • Gamers: most fans of the PVZ genre, farming, among others, with a target audience under 50 years old with mobile or PC.
  • Collectors/Investors: the value/uniqueness of the plants is protected. Every change or new seed supply system will be discussed with the community before applying it in the game. Focus on the game as its own currency. Plants and seeds can be purchased with the FFN token.
  • Improved marketplace: high commissions are avoided and the transaction process is facilitated. Fairy Forest NFT token is all you need in your marketplace.
  • The community owns the game: Every change, every game mode, features will be discussed by the representatives (your regional moderators).

The community

Community representatives will participate in the process of developing your game, improvements, suggestions and proposals. Fairy Forest NFT discuss the feasibility of the idea before moving on to the next step which is construction and support. Representatives are often selected by the community to be part of your moderation team.

Blockchain feature

The FFN token is the native and the governing currency of the game, as well as a BSC token. It allows token holders to play, invest, reinvest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed total of 500 million tokens FFN.

  • Game currency:Fairy Forest NFT can be used in the marketplace to buy seeds, plants, tools, land, and artifacts.
  • Social functions: send FFN tokens between friends, even exchange NFT assets with a transaction cost, giveaway 1 tool every day to your friends. All Fairy Forest NFT tokens and NFTs will be stored in BSC. Your vision is to expand to other networks in the future, depending on popularity and community feedback.

Token sales and allocation

Play to Earn Rewards will be used to incentivize those players who earn the stable coin by participating in competitions and other in-game activities. Fairy Forest NFT design is to encourage user participation in the game and maintain traction. Play to receive rewards – 100% of tokens will be blocked for three months until they release the game. Community and Marketing will perform various ecosystem building initiatives, including marketing, rewards, incentive programs and more, in addition to project development. Community and Marketing – 50% of tokens will be blocked for two months.


Fairy Forest NFT Roadmap
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