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What Is GalaxyPad (GXPAD)? Complete Guide Review About GalaxyPad.

What Is GalaxyPad (GXPAD)?

The world of NFT games and Metaverse are becoming more and more popular. With increasing number of projects and DEX volumes, one can easily understand the potential of the blockchain as a powerful and advanced technology of the future. Decentralized cross chain launchpad play a major role in blockchain based architectures, acting as bridges between blockchains and the ever growing users community. GalaxyPad mission is to empower start-ups with the next generation tools to launch NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse projects and to disrupt the traditional fundraising method involving large scale investors.

GalaxyPad Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGalaxyPad
Short NameGXPAD
Circulating Supply95,000,000.00 GXPAD
Total Supply100,000,000
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  • Blockchain Limitation – Currently, most launchpads are limited to a single blockchain
  • High cost of participation – Participating in a launchpad has become something associated only with the affluent thereby restricting low level players.
  • Very expensive to launch a project – Credible projects ideas are discarded due to high cost of listing offers.
  • Unfair levels – Most launchpads these days have become a playground to bots and other manipulation which only allow a few investors to take part in an IDO, limiting the number of participants and supporters.
  • Lack of support: Startup projects impact fades with the launch of new hyped projects often because project owners are left with little or no follow up on project milestones.

Introducing GalaxyPad

  • Multichain: GalaxyPad can support projects from a broad number of networks.
  • Its the first launchpad built with the community in mind: One of GalaxyPad’s unique infrastructure is that projects start and ends with the community involvement.
  • Fair levels allocation – No matter where you are in the GalaxyPad planets, there is an allocation for you.
  • Community support: GalaxyPad model of operations is built on community framework ensuring all project launching on our platform enjoy sufficient support.

Market Opportunity

  • Billions of volume are being transacted in Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) such as PancakeSwap and UniSwap.
  • NFT Games are becoming more popular with no sign of slowing down.
  • Exponential growth in cross chain transactions due to the demand of Blockchain projects.
  • Hundreds of new projects are been launched daily.

GalaxyPad Ecosystem

  • Launchpad: A decentralized crowdfunding that will host IDO/IGO startups.
  • Planet Incubation: GalaxyPad support startups launching on your platform with your technical knowledge and expertise. Your ecosystem is equipped with the best investors, partners, and market influencers thanks to your robust community.
  • Planet Marketplace: A planet system where NFT and GameFi projects can be exchanged.
  • Planet Farm: The ecosystem yield farming platform.
  • Galaxy Kingdoms: Your own state of the art Play to Earn game. (more details to follow)
  • PlanetDAO: A system designed for and controlled by the community.

$GXPAD Utilities

The $GXPAD token has several use-cases within the GalaxyPad ecosystem:

  • Planet Power: Participation in projects can only be possible by staking $GXPAD tokens which will give a certain planet power according to the number and period staked – The longer the staking period, the higher the planet power. Unstaking before the end of the staking period will attract a fee.
  • Governance: GalaxyPad will gradually phase to a DAO enabling $GXPAD token holders to gain voting rights by staking their tokens.
  • Staking/Farming: $GXPAD token holders will be able to generate passive income from their tokens, by staking them in the planet farms.
  • Swap Discount: Using GXPAD to swap NFT on the Planet Marketplace.

Planet Power Tier system

GalaxyPad uses a unique tier-based system to determine the guaranteed allocation for each participant in a pool. The quantity of GXPAD tokens a user has staked will determined the user’s planet power. Your ecosystem is equipped with the best investors, partners, and market influencers, thanks to your robust community. Planet system where NFT and GameFi projects can be exchanged. The Next generation tools to launch your NFTs Games and Metaverse. Better energy efficiency of the blockchain consensus mechanism compared to other options that are based on the PoW consensus algorithm.

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