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What Is ElonBank (ELONBANK )? Complete Guide & Review About ElonBank

What Is ElonBank (ELONBANK )?

ElonBank is a groundbreaking financial protocol that includes mechanisms for auto-staking, auto-compounding, and auto-liquidity. You will receive one of the highest APY (400,977%) in the market simply by purchasing and holding ElonBank. ElonBank offers automated staking and compounding, as well as the market’s highest Fixed APY of 400,977% for the first 12 months. have identified the following critical aspects to support this interest rate and consistent financial development for our investors:

ElonBank (ELONBANK ) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameElonBank
Short Name(ELONBANK )
Circulating Supply100,000.00 ELONBANK
Total Supply1,494,195
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Auto-staking, Auto-Compounding and Auto-Liquidity

ElonBank is a decentralized financial asset that uses the ELM protocol to reward investors with a sustainable fixed compound interest model.

ElonBank offers one of the highest fixed APY in the market, paid every 15 minutes, as well as a simple buy-hold-earn method that increases your $ELONBANK portfolio in your wallet at breakneck speed.

How this Will Work?

ElonBank Reserves (EBR)​

ElonBank stands for ElonBank Reserves, a distinct wallet within the ElonBank ecosystem. The EBR is backed by a percentage of the buy and sell trading costs that accumulate in the EBR wallet and employs an algorithm to back the Rebase Rewards. Simply put, the EBR parameter backs the staking incentives (rebase rewards) that are delivered every 15 minutes at a rate of 0.02368%, assuring a high and constant interest rate for ElonBank token holders.

ElonBank Treasury (EBT)

ElonBank Price Stability and Project Continuity are dependent on the Treasury. It performs vitally important duties for the company’s growth and long-term viability. The treasury provides additional financial support to EBR. This additional assistance might be critical in the case of a severe price shock or any other unanticipated occurrence. The Treasury plays a crucial role because it will be the primary source of funding for the project’s marketing and development.

Burn Pit (BP)

While trading ELONBANK, 2.5% of it is burnt within the Burn Pit. The more that is exchanged, the more that burnt, leading the Burn Pit to expand in size, greater and larger by self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, limiting circulating supply and maintaining the ELONBANK Price. The other advantage of an everlasting circulating supply burn is that, because of its deflationary nature, it correlates to a larger value of each ELONBANK token, therefore boosting the individual value.


ElonBank With a set APY of 400,977%, Token is the highest paying Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol. Every 15 minutes, interest rewards are compounded for every BSC Wallet that has any ELONBANK Tokens.

ElonBank Liquidity Management (ELM)

ElonBank Liquidity Management (ELM) injects automated liquidity into the market every 48 hours. There is a 4% tax charge on each purchase or sell order that is automatically kept in an Auto-LP wallet, and integrated into protocol’s smart contract is a system that intelligently takes the 50% of ELONBANK saved in the wallet and automatically buys BNB at the current market price.

The remaining 50% of ELONBANK in the Auto-LP wallet will be utilized for the ELONBANK side of liquidity, resulting in a 50/50 weighting of ELONBANK/BNB, which will be automatically contributed as fresh, extra liquidity to the market pair, increasing the pool’s liquidity.

ElonBank Token

ElonBank is a BEP20 Token (Binance Smart Chain) that rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 15 minutes over the lifespan of 10.5 years until the maximum supply of 100 Sextillion tokens has been reached. has the same working principles as Titano with an improved and secured smart contract which provides healthy growth to the project.

Features :

ElonBank Reserves – The ElonBank Reserves hold 5% of all trading fees, which helps to maintain and back the staking rewards by ensuring market stability. When required, these money will be utilized for Buyback and Burn events.

Investor-Friendly Approach Regardless of your investment level, you will begin to get your interest yield into your wallet after you purchase the token, and it will be compounded automatically for the next rebase.

One of the highest Fixed APY In the first 12 months, ElonBank pays out 400,977%, which is the highest APY in the market. The interest rate will be set at 0.96% each day after the first 12 months.

Fast Interest DistributionElonBank rewards each holder every 15 minutes, or 96 times per day, making it one of the quickest auto-compounding mechanism in the the world.

Auto Token Burn The deflationary process will burn 2.5% of each and every transaction, allowing ElonBank to retain the highest APY accessible on the market.