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What Is Incube Chain (ICB) ? Complete Guide Review About Incube Chain

What Is Incube Chain (ICB) ?

Incube Chain Viewers of video content are found have high interest in products exposed in licensed broadcast and streaming services, and have high tendency to purchase them. In addition,, the number of searches for products has been constantly growing. According to a survey by Embrain Panel Research, 94% of respondents said that they were considering purchasing TV-related products. It indicates that the influence of advertisement broadcasting, PPL is higher than that of any other media and is now even featured in OTT (Over the Top) streaming services such as Netflix.

Incube Chain Despite the continuous export of Korean video contents such as the “Squid Game,” embedded product often falls short in interest by overseas viewers. Unless a brand company has sufficient capital, infrastructure, and network, it is difficult to provide accurate and sufficient information to viewers residing out of its locality. For example, Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is unable to satisfy the needs of all of its users (mainly Chinese user base) as it is unable to provide sufficient information to those who have encountered foreign dramas e.g. Korean dramas (K- dramas) on their inquiries about the source and purchase route of the products they have seen in those non- locally produced video content., Meanwhile, in most cases, it is not possible to maximize the indirect exposure effect of brand companies.

Incube Chain (ICB)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameIncube Chain (ICB)
Short Name(PCHF)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply30,000,000,000
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It collects trillions of data from media.

Incube Chain chain ecosystem mines, process, verify and manages embedded product data from media contents to provide trillions of data to search engines The Incube platform connects the needs of brand advertisers and viewers. Brand companies can maximize the advertising effect of sponsored products, and viewers can watch media and get product information for free at the same time.

Data Platform

Incube Chain Tingle is a product placement data platform with 10,000,000+ products data and brands that already been provided to various affiliated 3rd party search engines such as NAVER and 11st with 100,000+ API daily transactions. 

PPL Data Module

Incube Chain Partner is a core module for generating information for all participants. For the advertiser, it is possible to execute advertisements that can expose the products of a third party through ST-Ream advertisements. For coordinators and viewers, it is able to use a reward registration system to enroll product information for each frame in content.

Free Stream

Incube Chain ST-Ream can be used on mobile and PC platforms by playing media in various formats without a separate conversion process through its built-in codec. You can directly access the purchase link without having to search for a separate product by using product banners that allow you to receive product information at any time while viewing content.

ICB Ecosystem

Incube Chain Ecosystem improves the integrity and irreversibility of information through three major layers : Incube Partners, Blockchain & Data, and APIs services layers to connect participants, viewers, and advertisers with streamlined platform. 


Incube Chain Unresolved Needs of Viewers: Limitations of Search Services Broadcasters and producers restrict the exposure of brand names and logos of products that are embedded in the content broadcasted and produced unless such products are officially supported by advertising fees. This is understandable as a policy to guarantee more favorable exposure to the advertiser who pays advertising fees. Therefore, viewers often see logos and trademarks of such products covered and will firstly resort to using Internet search services such as Google and NAVER for more information.

Solutions : Web 3.0 4.1

Chains for PPL Advertisers and Brands Product placement advertisements are effective when the advertisement satisfies both the purpose image exposure and information delivery. We provide the convenience of directly accessing the brand, price, and place of purchase by selecting a product that can be seen at any time while watching a video. At the same time, viewers who watches the advertisements are offered the benefits of using the product information we provide for free. The Incube Chain allows advertisers and brand companies to easily and quickly register product information exposed to video content. As the core platform of Incube projects, the chain integrated into “Brand-Broadcast-Commerce” allows video content and the information of PPL products to converge naturally and freely utilizes broadcast content for marketing and commerce. All process works under decentralized data storing methods of Incube Chain system.