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What Is Dragonairenfts (DEAR)? Complete Guide & Review About Dragonairenfts

What Is Dragonairenfts (DEAR)?

Dragonairenfts is an epoch-making immersive 3D encrypted Web3.0 NFT collection on-chain game, which derived from the traditional gaming industry while strategically and organically injected with native blockchain genes for all kinds of users to enjoy at this unified metaverse, namely traditional gamers, P2E crypto hunters, GAFT guilds, NFT collectors and artists and DeFi Players.

MetaOctagon Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDragonairenfts
Short NameDEAR
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Why a Dual-token Economic System?

Dragonaire aims to build a decentralized and autonomous user community that can realize play-to-earn through Dragonaire, its initial GameFi vehicle. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a currency that maintains production and liquidity in-game for the mid to long term. It then enables a healthy growth of the ecosystem of the game.

During the development process, once a certain threshold is reached, or a certain condition is met, a more stable core currency will be produced. Then, the more stable currency can be used to preserve the value of the assets or stabilize the price of the NFT.

How To Gain $mDEAR/$DEAR

  • Method 1. Defeat the enemies in Trial Spire with the consumption of DP items
  • Method 2. Participate in PVP Arena battles, win daily rewards and season rewards
  • Method 3. Participate in Airdrop Campaign
  • Method 4. Participate in IDO Campaign
  • Method 5. Swap Cryptocurrencies on Pancake

How To Gain $mDES/$DES

  • Method 1. Sweeping boss stage of main campaign
  • Method 2. Complete the daily quests. You can obtain 1670 $mDES at most if all of them are cleared
  • Method 3. Defeat the enemies in Trial Spire with the consumption of DP items
  • Method 4. Participate in PVP Arena battles, $mDES can be increased for each battle if the pvp points is greater than 1300
  • Method 5. Keep an eye on official social media and participate in community activities

Project Features

Extraordinary Content and Playability

Dragonaire is an idle card strategy RPG GameFi. The game will provide all Dragon-knights a lavish gaming experience, designed to allow all players to enjoy a full range of fun such as collection, development, adventure, strategy, growth, and honor. At the same time, we have introduced the AFK mechanism to ensure the pleasure of the gaming while taking into account the daily game time and a stable profit.

Ten Million Dollar Masterpiece

Dragonaire has more than 800,000 polys ultra-high-precision 3D models. The total cost of design and development DragonaireNFTs is more than 3,000,000 US dollars! The R&D team has been developing the game for more than 2 years, and the overall cost is higher than 10 million US dollars. At present, the product has been fully developed, and players can dive into the metaverse in no time.

Millions of Supporting Fans

Dragonaire Coin comes from a traditional online mobile game giant and has been recommended by Google Play and App Store in many countries and regions. The company has more than 8 million registered users worldwide, spreading 80+ countries over Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Dragonaire also has a perfect operating mechanism that can fully support and ensure long-term and continuous operation.

Novel, Durable, and Stable Tokenomics

On the basis of the dual-token economic system that other existing platforms are routinely using, Dragonaire’s tokenomics has made more optimizations and changes in order to form a good self-circulation system between GameFi, players, and DAO. The core governance token of the product, $DEAR, can not only guarantee the player’s income, but also can be fully empowered through various usage scenarios, thereby incentivizing more players to hold, pledge, or trade. In this way, Dragonaire can be sure to have a good and stable operation in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and so on.

Original and Pattern-breaking Operation Mode

Dragonaire adopts a new operating model that integrates IDO, NFT, Gamefi, and community. Players will directly get 3 free dragons when they enter the game, so that they can directly play with “0 threshold” and gain benefits. At the same time, we plan to put almost all the proceeds from Mystery Box sales directly into the DAO treasury in order to fully return back to the players. they not only will empower the product’s own economic cycle, but will also break the old GameFi industry pattern to minimize the risk of players entering the game.

Superb Gaming Experience

Dragonaire Coin parent company, Dino Game, has a rich background in game development and publication. They have more than 20 games ranked in Google Play and App Store including Top Free No.1, Top Grossing No.1, and have won the best game publication case in Google Play Asia, Facebook Top 50 game cooperative manufacturers, etc. It has a first-class capital pool and has accumulated over 100 million users. At the same time, they also hope to continuously introduce traditional game players to all enjoy the amazing features of GameFi.

Asset Appreciation in Dino Game’s Metaverse

Dino Game is committed to creating its own web3 metaverse game platform – Web3Game/W3GS. Currently, there are at least 5 games under development or on-chain reformation. In the future, Dino Game aims to build a metaverse to realize cross-platform asset exchange. Therefore, Genesis NFTs will have more additional rights empowered on the platform.


With years’ experience in game engine development and profound expertise in scene modeling, blockchain technologies and economic infrastructure, Dragonaire Team aims to create a free-to-play & easy-to-earn GameFi platform and a stronger and self-sustainable community.

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