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What Is CenterPrime (CPX) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About CenterPrime

What Is CenterPrime (CPX) Coin Review ?

CenterPrime is a project to connect the real world with the Defi world. are implementing a hybrid blockchain by connecting all services in the real world such as finance, investment, insurance, auction, real estate, tax, etc. through fintech open banking and hyper ledger private chain. As a result, are breaking down the boundaries between industries, discovering new industries, and growing them.

CenterPrime blockchain ecosystem continues to grow based on the value and technology of irreversibility and transparency, and has lead to an expansion of the industry. Based on this, innovative finance that is similar with fintech is being achieved through the birth of defi in each country such as the United States, Russia, China, and Korea

CenterPrime traditional financial services consist of financial services such as movement, exchange, and storage based on “legal currency” issued by the state in all cases such as reception, loan, settlement, and investment. As such, defi financial services also provide services such as reception, credit, payment, and investment provided by traditional financial services, but defi provides services based on 100% virtual assets, so it is difficult to apply to the real economy.

CenterPrime (PEN) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCenterPrime
Short NameCPX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Mission’s Freedom Of Life

CenterPrime The De-Fi ecosystem is based on a free trading system without intermediaries. Regardless of the type of transaction, people proceed through intermediaries, and the costs incurred are made up of various industries. This means there are a lot of costs required for the transaction. We intend to innovate this economic structure and enable people around the world to have a free life where they can freely trade and operate goods and services that individuals want without the intervention and costs of intermediaries.

NFT Security Technology

CenterPrime NFT Security technology is a technology that preserves the value and reliability of creations by solving the hacking problem of IPFS in the current NFT market. Add a content watermark security function to ERC721, ERC1155 and check the NFT verification of digital content providers through Dapp. After the two courses, a combined NFT is issued to provide an essential solution to security and hacking issues.

Connects the World.

CenterPrime realizes a variety of possibilities through a blockchain that connects all worlds. It connects all services such as finance, investment, insurance, auction, logistics, real estate, tax, etc. through a hyper-leisure private chain and fintech open banking. Connect to other worlds through CenterPrime.


CenterPrime Improve network performance with limited access and approvals and reduce development and onboarding time to reduce total cost.


CenterPrime Based on the understanding of existing enterprise systems and processes, it is possible to integrate seamlessly with other blockchain networks.


Centerprime’s private chain, which allows only authorized access, can respond flexibly to bugs and network attacks.

Synthetic Liquidity Pool by the Token Assets

CenterPrime The types of token assets are divided into custodial assets and non-custodial assets according to the type of value and use, and the custodial assets consist of reserve fund and assets used in the real economy. Non-custodial assets are decentralized virtual assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or new token assets, and are subdivided and classified according to the combination form of custodial and non-custodial assets and the use of the synthesized token. The oracle perceptron protocol proposes a neuron asset liquidity pool according to the form in which the synthesized neuron assets of the custodial and non-custodial assets are used in the real economy.

Token Assets Decentralization

To utilize synthetic assets, token assets decentralization must be precede. Token assets decentralization is a key technology of synthetic assets that allows the selection of chain networks through AI (autonomous judgment) for the gas fees efficiency of decentralized issuance, transfer and exchange of token assets in a multi-cross-chain network.