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What Is Brayzin Heist (BRZH)Review ? Complete Guide Review About Brayzin Heist

What Is Brayzin Heist (BRZH)Review ?

Brayzin Heist Introducing the Brayzin Project, which will entail the release of a free to play, match 3 puzzle game called, Brayzin Heist, whereby players will heist Brayzin tokens as a reward for completing milestone levels within the game. The deeper that players go into game, the more tokens they will heist, thus incentivising players to complete as many milestone levels as possible.

Brayzin Heist is the first token whose value is linked to the number of players in game network (both android and IOS), however we have learnt through experience that the most popular app games in the word are simple to use –match 3 puzzle games (think Candy Crush), however no one has attempted to tokenize the rewards in these games and that is where come in.

Brayzin Heist app will be monetised using a combination of serving ads during natural breaks in the game between levels and offering in- app purchases to players whereby 80% of all revenue generated will be added into the Brayzin liquidity pool and locked for 100 years.

Brayzin Heist (BRZH) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBrayzin Heist
Short Name (BRZH)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply150,000,000
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How it Works

Brayzin Heist tokens (BRZH) are earned by players for completing milestone levels within addictive match 3 puzzle game- Brayzin Heist. The more milestone levels that you complete, the more tokens you heist! Stake your tokens and 10% of your holdings will be airdropped to you on the 15th of each month, compounded monthly!

The Gameplay

Brayzin Heist game “Brayzin heist” will be similar to other match 3 puzzle games ( Candy Crush ) currently available on the Google Play Store and App store as these games have some very unique features:

Very simple to understand and

play Highly addictive due to dopamine receptors triggering in your brain each time you pass a level

Eats’ up “time slack”- time in a day where you have nothing else to do Endless levels make you want to achieve more and more complete levels

Brayzin Heist to the psychological triggers inherent in the game, this explains why Candy Crush is one of the few apps that have been downloaded over 1 billion times. Now remember that when users are currently playing these match 3 games, there are no monetary incentives for them to play so imagine the effect when a reward of tokens awaits a player simply for completing specific levels within the game- the dopamine effect would be multiplied meaning the addictive nature and willingness to play longer and further into the game is also multiplied and that is exactly what game Brayzin heist is all about – “Play the game and heist tokens”!


Brayzin Heist revenue streams that will be generated from within the Brayzin Heist apps will be a combination of serving ads along with offering in -app purchases, where players have the ability to pay to remove the ads thereby allowing them to play through the game quicker and be able to earn tokens quicker.

Brayzin Heist the ad revenue perspective there are numerous ad networks available, with the biggest ones being Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network and Unity Ads, however have found that the payment cycle and that they only pay out in fiat currency may not make them the best suited for our objective as want to be able to continuously convert advertising revenue earned into Crypto in order to consistently prop up our liquidity pool and initiate re -purchase and burning of tokens as regularly as possible


Brayzin Heist Max supply = 150,000,000 tokens (fixed supply and immutable) Ticker symbol: BRZN Token type: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) BSCscan ink: 4aebdfca697ae Contract address: 0x756fb2b9327635b985a0d14a5e14aebdfca697ae There are no taxes on token

These tokens are available to players at levels 30, 65, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 of our Brayzin Heist game and the number of tokens available to be earned increases at each of those levels incentivising players to go deep into the game, however the tokens available at each milestone level will halve each time the player network doubles (halving starts from 100,000 players) thereby creating scarcity for our token and increasing the demand for it as more and more users play the game

What Is Brayzin Heist (BRZH)Review ? Complete Guide Review About Brayzin Heist