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What Is Metaxiz(MEXI)Review ? Complete Guide Review About Metaxiz

What Is Metaxiz(MEXI)Review ?

Metaxiz is a great marketplace where searching and exchanging NFTs is quick and convenient. They want to develop an ecosystem around NFT assets, Support NFT projects with a vibrant environment and market to interact with users, to introduce projects in a simple way. MEXI is system governance token. MEXI is used to trade NFT on the system, stake earn NFT, pay a transaction fee if any, hold MEXI have the opportunity to receive many incentives and bonuses for the following products: Lottery, farming, voting. Especially, MEXI is the base coin of our future blockchain METAXIZ

Metaxiz(MEXI)Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaxiz
Short Name(MEXI)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply300,000,000,000
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Meta Fight

Metaxiz Fight belongs to the type of game with a “play-to-earn” model, it allows players can get profit from the game through buying, selling, exchanging items. They have ownership of all of their items in the game. The economic system in the game is geared towards people playing and bringing special values ​​in the real world. Players can generate income just by playing the game.

Metaxiz Meta Fight is an interesting game in which players will have the task of collecting all the parts needed to create superheroes. Superheroes can move freely through the universe, observe all the mechanics, experience everything, and be completely immersed in the Metaverse. Every player has the opportunity to build superheroes with unbeatable strength-the deciding factor for success or failure in the game.

Meta Dance

Metaxiz Dance brings players to a whole new musical world with many popular genres today, such as Pop, Hip hop, and EDM. Players can transform into professional singers or dancers and conquer the game with skillful dance moves. Each dance not only entertains but also helps players earn more profits and create special values.

Metaxiz Dance is more than just a fun game; it also allows players to hone other abilities such as the ability to express emotions, interact with and perceive music, and cultivate reflexes. Through the use of AR and AI technology, giving players the most realistic emotions while being immersed in the Metaverse universe.

The main game mode in Meta Dance:

  • Dance Music: Press the phone screen at the precise moment to perform dances.
  • Rhythm Go: Control the character to run and collect musical notes to complete the song.

The main tasks of players in Meta Fight are:

  • Defeating opponents in a single battle
  • Collecting parts
  • Designing superheroes from parts
  • Customize superheroes’s look

Meta DIY

Metaxiz DIY is a great metaverse game for players who want to create masterpieces. In this game, players will be the owner of their shop with all DIY products like sneakers, t-shirts, hats, and phone cases. Players can create them with any style they want to make unique products that nowhere has.

Also, here is a playground for all the “store owners” to get profit from the game through buying, selling, and exchanging products. Meta DIY belongs to the type of game with a “play-to-earn” model.

What players will do in Meta DIY are:

  • Build and create sneakers, t-shirt, hats, phone cases with their unique designs!
  • Use quality paint controls to paint those products.
  • Repair them for customers! Make sure they leave happy!
  • Sell shoes in their huge shop!
  • Customize and design the appearance of their shop!


Imagine that one day you will become a trainer in Monster’s world. We bet that you will be surprised by the talent that you have. Yes, Casumon will be a perfect place for players to discover their strength in this field – training Monsters. Belongs to the type of game with a “play-to-earn” model, Casumon allows players to get profit from the game through buying, selling, exchanging items.

Besides that, players can get more interesting experiences from catching monsters, training, take care of them to boost their strength to become the strongest ones. There are various events that players can attend with their monsters. So let’s start right now to see how cool Casumon is!

When players join Casumon, they will have a chance to:

  • Catch and train Monsters.
  • Create the best journey alongside Buddy Monsters to make them stronger and earn attractive rewards.
  • Make a unique Monsters team.
  • Team up with other trainers to catch more-powerful Monsters.
  • Participate in ranked matches, and earn points and climb up to the global leaderboard.