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What Is BMAX (BMAX) ?Complete Guide Review About BMAX 

What Is BMAX (BMAX) ?

BMAX was established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts with a goal of providing complete financial services for the currencies of the future. They are dedicated to providing safe, convenient, and diversified services to meet all crypto needs, including trading, investing, purchasing, staking, borrowing, and more. The utility and scope of the BMAX token will constantly evolve and improve as team iterates on feedback with an ultimate goal of developing the best features to reach goals

BMAX (BMAX )Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBMAX
Short Name(BMAX )
Circulating Supply655,000.00 BMAX
Max Supply5,000,000,000
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Enter BMAX – Bitrue’s Asset Management Token

BMAX as rewards, Bitrue attempts to solve the problems previously encountered by existing staking mechanisms & DeFi protocols. First of all, staking and yield farming would not be limited to only several pools, but will be invested in a wide variety of pools, without forgoing the need for proper risk management beforehand.

BMAX Secondly, one of the many reasons why crypto has amassed a big following over the years is due to the nascent nature of the industry that allows for higher returns as compared to traditional finance. Speculation is what keeps cryptocurrencies attractive to the mainstream market. This new generation of investors seek the highest return possible, and are willing to take the risk for it. However, as tokens go through a growth phase and volatility subsides, so do the returns.


BMAX The first form of investment of which users’ funds will be directed to is Proof of Stake token staking. With the existing amount of layer-1 blockchain protocols, the users’ funds can be lent out as a validator in exchange for a stable passive income. Some examples of supported blockchains include Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA), two blockchains that Bitrue has supported significantly in its history. Staking on these blockchains usually allows for up to 25% APY. As these coins have been around for quite some time their legitimacy is established, and their price is less volatile compared to newer crypto tokens.

Quantitative Trading

BMAX In addition to the deposits being able to be used for staking and liquidity providing, assets deposited can be used to trade on the platform. The token will be available for both spot and eventually futures trading, with various trading pairs. Trading on Bitrue is simple and efficient. It should be noted that trading will incur a 10% transaction fee, whereas 90% of the returns from trading will be redistributed to the rewards pool.


BMAX What makes a much better asset to hold as compared to existing yield aggregator tokens, is that as promised: BMAX is deflationary. The mechanism of BMAX is designed to keep the value going up, so that it will be a valuable reward token for community members to hold in the long term. BMAX will have a total fixed supply of 5 billion tokens, with 0 supply to the team or early investors.

Unlike most reward tokens, BMAX is backed by an underlying asset pool consisting of the tokens that the investors originally deposited. BMAX tokens are not created out of thin air. BMAX is used as rewards to replace the rewards denominated in the underlying token, as this way, we will be able to provide a 15%-100% increase in yield.


World-Class Team

BMAX Started by executives from the technology industry who developed a passion for blockchain, Bitrue is now an international team of experts in security, cryptography, finance, and other fields

Secure, Stable, Efficient

Proprietary multi-level clustering structure & cold wallet with advanced security system ensures your funds will always be safe.

International Operations

BMAX team is spread across offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. support staff are available 24/7 to assist with any queries.