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What Is Biblecoin (BIBL) ?Complete Guide Review About Biblecoin

What Is Biblecoin (BIBL) ?

Biblecoin is a blockchain ecosystem that connects churches, missionaries, philanthropists, and relevant non-government organizations. They aim to foster a thriving global community of believers based on trust and accountability. It is vision to enhance how Christians and charity institutions conduct their usual church activities by providing a transparent donation fund system, facilitating borderless transfers to missionaries in different countries, equipping them to create their own crypto tokens, and more.

Biblecoin (BIBL)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBiblecoin
Short Name (BIBL)
Circulating Supply20,000,000.00 BIBL
Max Supply10,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Bible Chain Platform

Biblecoin is a cryptocurrency network and a platform that connects businesses and individuals who want to offer a helping hand to those in need through their churches. Additionally, Bible Chain aims to function as a platform where, as a community, can converge and keep informed of the church’s activities. The Bible Chain platform consists of applications, communities, and services developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Kindly note that the following is the summary of platforms. For those who want more detailed information, have dedicated a specific sub-section for each platform.

Vision and Goals

Biblecoin the past couple of years, perhaps decades, Christianity has suffered several setbacks. At the top of the list are scandals of corruption. To battle these challenges, blockchain and cryptocurrency could offer tremendous help. Therefore, must make use of them to bring back the trust that people once had in Christian institutions. To that end, believe that Bible Chain could change the future of Christianity.

Bible Chain Online Donation and Payment

Biblecoin Platform Bible Chain will provide a secure online platform for donations and peer-to-peer payments with the use of blockchain technology. This will provide better transparency to the financial


Biblecoin NFTs enable churches to prove ownership of their podcasts, videos, or even art works. This will eliminate the need to safeguard a particular church’s content from malicious actors, especially those who want to damage the reputation of a particular personality or group, not to mention steal the property rights of an artist for his artwork.

Biblecoin NFTs will be minted under the BEP-721 standard. These will be minted and integrated into the Bible Chain DApp. This way, users will have better access to praise and worship, sermons, daily devotionals, podcasts, paintings, sacred objects, and other art pieces.

Audio Function and Translation

Biblecoin As part of mission to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world, are integrating an audio function within the Bible Chain DApp for those who want to listen to Bible passages. This will be convenient for those who prefer listening to the verses instead of reading them, as in an audiobook. This audio function will be available in other languages. This way, people from other countries will be able to listen to Bible verses in their native language. What is more, this audio function and translation will also become enabled in some of our most-beloved Church hymns.

What Bible Chain Offers

Biblecoin provide various services using blockchain technology and advanced identification features.

Crypto Donation & Payments

Everyone can donate to and make payments online using cryptocurrency via the Bible Chain DApp.

Missionary Crowdfundings

Biblecoin Churches, charities, and missionaries can receive funding from donors belonging to different churches.

Transparent Fund System

Parishioners can view how church funds are being spent to ensure transparency and accountability.

Photo, Audio, & Video NFTs

Biblecoin Pastors, musicians, and artists can mint NFTs of their sermons, songs, artworks, sacred objects, etc.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Churches can create their own cryptocurrency token on the Bible Chain mainnet and store on the DApp

Social Connectivity

Bible Chain fosters a modern community of believers with the help of digital communication tools.

Transparent Donations

Offerings and donations will become completely traceable with blockchain technology.

Empowered Missionaries

Churches and philanthropists will be able to support missionaries from different parts of the globe.

Accessible Contents

Members of partner churches will grow more in faith through sermons, podcasts, and worship videos.


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