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Zoo game Ico Review: Gamifying DeFi into a Decentralised Metaverse

About Zoogame Ico

Zoogame – Crypto World is a set of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) to support users to stake BSC assets, obtain Rewards and participate in Combat. Swap, Stake, Battle, Mine – The Crypto World is revolutionising the GameFi space by gamifying DeFi.

The Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi with GameFi. Battle against your foes, stake in pools for massive returns or have action-packed fights with mega bosses!

Zoo game warriors are only required to purchase an NFT Animal to play, which can go as low as $4 as a cost. Note, three animals are required for the PvP mode whilst warriors can use only one The Animal to play PvE. You can also purchase KEY tokens to unlock chests for Animals. If you are lucky enough, you can unlock a legendary!

Zoogame Key Information

Token NameZoogame
Token SymbolZOO
Max Supply200,000,000
Tokens were produced2,100,000,000
Circulating Supply33,661,322.94 ZOO
Social SupportJoin on Telegram
Email SupportN/A
Total Supply200,000,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


ZOO Farming

The Crypto World allows investors to stake and invest in secure farming pools that offer immense returns!

Arena Battles

Become a LEGENDARY figther in the as you battle in PvP against other players in intense arena encounters for KEY.

Unlock NFTs

Open loot chests to generate your own NFT animal to battle against other players, bosses or to generate.


NFT Animals passively mine that flows into your wallet every second with NO WORK required at all.


The Crypto World ecosystem is a complex economic model designed to provide stability, profit and fun to all warriors.

ZOO Token

Singularity Studio believes in absolute fairness for all players in the BSC ecosystem. The token did not have any presales, private sales or an IDO. Instead, the token was a fair launch token, proving the fairness the governance token possesses.

ZOO warriors can obtain the token via:

1) Purchasing from DEX providers

2) Generating from NFT Animals in the mining camp

3) Generating via the farming system (coming soon)

ZOO Tokens are the governance token of ZooCW and can be used in various cases including

1) Reward from Jungle camps with your NFT Animals

2) Used to boost farming rewards and other future uses with

3) Traded on DEX platforms

4) Earn rewards in LP farming

5) Used to purchase tickets in the combat modes and in upcoming mini games.

ZOO Token distribution and issuance

To maintain stability and ensure that the governance token will grow, 600 million were removed from the max supply. Further, Singularity Studio has incorporated a “10X or no pay” scheme that will bolster dedication from the team by requiring a 1,000% pump per year for the team to get paid. If there is no 10X, there is no pay and the tokens are redirected to the community.

KEY Utility Token

KEY is the utility token of the Crypto World Metaverse. With an unlimited supply, KEYs can be used to unlock NFTs!

Meet the Team

An insight to some of the team members working on Crypto World. Only 5 have been listed below. In reality, Crypto World has over 30 team members all working under the umbrella of Singularity Studio.

Zoo game Ico Review: Gamifying DeFi into a Decentralised Metaverse

Is ZOO Crypto World secure?

ZOO Crypto World puts security first, the safety of YOUR funds is what they prioritise above all. To ensure the safety of your funds and assets, The Crypto World has been audited by Certik, has an integrated security team with analysts monitoring 24/7 and are exploring the latest security practices by partnering with new audit providers!

What are the tokenomics of the ZOO governance token?

The governance token has a total supply of 800 million that is minted sustainably from the mining camp and is utilised in many use cases including in the combat system, staking, purchasing Animal NFTs, lotteries, x ZOO and more! 

What is ZOO Crypto World?

The Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi with GameFi. Battle against your foes, stake in pools or have action-packed fights with mega bosses!

What is the ZOO Governance Token?

ZOO is the governance token of the metaverse. Fixed at a supply of 200 million, The is utilised in battles, lotteries, staking and more.

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