Neuronet Ico Review: Decentralized Exchange With Many Features.

Neuronet Ico Review: Decentralized Exchange With Many Features.

About Neuronet Ico

Neuronet Ico is an innovative open source cryptocurrency exchange. The difference between and all blockchain systems lies in the built-in artificial intelligence. The ecosystem is the best combination of decentralized trading exchange and artificial intelligence. The users can enjoy the best decentralized exchange trading experience without worrying about the security of their trading assets.

Neuronet also significantly lowers technical and business barriers for novice traders, providing a solid foundation for their business to grow. They are implementing revolutionary technological solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, such as: – Global Public Blockchain Assessment Index – Security audit using artificial intelligence capabilities – A trading robot based on artificial intelligence – and much more that is not available on modern crypto-exchanges. * full information on the website in the “White Paper”

Neuronet Ico Key Information

Token NameNeuronet
Token For Sale FIN
Ico Price0.00005 ETH
Hard Cap7345 BNB
PlatformBinance Chain
BonusUp to 10% Bonus tokens in I stage
Token TypeBEP-20
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Super profitable exchange in NEURONET Exchange

A Neuronet unique decentralized crypto exchange allows you to instantly and profitably exchange tokens of different blockchain systems with a minimum commission of 0%. Do you want to receive 0% commission on currency exchange? Exchange of cryptocurrencies through the exchange’s own token NCH without interest !!!

Deposit and stake NCH tokens in the pools and get maximum passive income. This is an easy way to earn 36x reward in our main NCH / BNB pool.

Cash withdrawal via NEURONET PAY

Fast issue of a plastic / virtual card linked to your wallet balance. Shop and withdraw cash with minimal commission anywhere in the world. It is possible to receive cash at specialized points of issue. Did you find a withdrawal to the card cheaper than ours? They will release you from commission for a month and provide you with exclusive conditions for all further transfers !!!

Profitable NEURONET Mining Pool

Only Neuronet Ico have a mining pool, exchange, exchanger, all on one platform. You will no longer pay commission to three different platforms, NEURONET commission for miners is up to 10 times lower than on other platforms. Found a loot cheaper than the? They will offer you a guaranteed lower tariff than any competitor and launch your mining for a month for free !

Crypto Holding NEURONET

The best combination of a decentralized trading exchange with the best services: Mining Pool, Launchpad (ICO launch), Wallet, Payment, Security (full list of modules in the white paper).

NEURONET users can enjoy the best decentralized exchange trading experience without worrying about the security of their trading assets. NEURONET also significantly reduces technical and business barriers for novice traders, providing a solid foundation for their business to grow.


Neuronet is an artificial intelligence-based data analysis system that learns itself in the process and tests various results and situations based on input data. During training, the neural network identifies complex relationships that cannot be seen under normal circumstances. The innovative cryptocurrency exchange based on artificial intelligence with open source that
simulates the work of the brain, is able to learn and adapt to changing conditions, as well as forecasting the situation.


Neuronet provides system participants with the following benefits:


Those participating in the trade must meet the requirements of the business and technology ecosystem so that the quality of the trade service is maintained. The user’s assets are all held on the blockchain. Assets cannot be moved without user permission. Security from artificial intelligence is a means of additional user protection, as well as providing a secure trading mechanism on the crypto exchange. Smart contract and blockchain technology guarantees correct settlement.


The Neuronet Ico decoupling between trading is the best way to ensure the safety of trading assets. An insurance fund provides an additional layer of security. Therefore, the ecosystems provide a reliable environment for exchange and trade.

Token reward plan

When solution goes into production, these original BEP20 tokens will be bought back and destroyed. New native tokens will be issued at a 1: 1 ratio. Part of the tokens will be distributed to reward the contribution of virtual computing power.

Public nodes Neuronet

Public nodes deployed in the public network. They provide the infrastructure to maintain the stable operation of the exchange chain, as well as virtual computing power for all users of the Neuronet wallet, reducing the cost of resources for individual participation and at the same time increasing the efficiency of the exchange.

Exchange nodes

Neuronet Ico Nodes deployed on participating exchanges. This is one of the sources of income for the exchange. The number of nodes deployed on one exchange correlates with its contribution, and an upper limit is indicated