Safepokeman Ico Review: Decentralized Penny Auction Marketplace.

Safepokeman Ico Review: Decentralized Penny Auction Marketplace.

About Safepokeman Ico

Safepokeman AUCTIONS is a decentralized penny auction marketplace. $SPKMAN tokens are used to purchase bid packages, and provide a unique gaming experience. Bid packages are used to bid on TCG products, NFT’s, Rare Collectables, Memorabilia, jackpot’s and Safe Chest prizes at a fraction of the RRP. All bids purchased are burnt from the total supply. 100% Of the final sale price is split between charities and their respected creditors. Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 5% allocated for presale 60%.

They allocated for community 5% allocated for team 10% allocated for liquidity 20% burnt Liquidity locked for 3 years. Tokenomics: 12% Tax on all buy & sell orders, split into the following: 3% – Distributed to holders 3% – Sent to the development to be used for development, marketing and legal. 2% – Sent to the reward pool, to fund auction items. 4% – Buy back split 50:50 into burn and liquidity.

Safepokeman Key Information

Token NameSafepokeman
Token For Sale
Soft Cap$2,000,000
Hard Cap7345 BNB
Total Supply10,000,000,000,000 Doge Army Token
PlatformBinance Chain
Token Type
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Safepokeman Ico AUCTIONS is driven from the its native bep20 binance token $SPKMAN. The primary use case is to provide a penny auction marketplace for users that would like to try to win and bid on TCG products, NFT’s, Rare Collectables, Memorabilia, jackpot’s and Safe Chest prizes at a fraction of the RRP.


Each auction runs on a 24 hour timer. The auction may last longer than 24 hours due to the built in gamification where the timer will instantly reset to 60 seconds every time a bid is placed within the 60 second count down time frame. This is a new and exciting way to win auction items and NFTs on the blockchain. Each bid placed is the equivalent of 1 cent, this allows the final auction sale price to be low. When the auction has ended and the final sale price has been paid, the prize will be transferred to the user’s wallet. If you have won bid packages, these will be credited to your account. Physical products are shipped the next day.

Safepokeman final sale price will then be donated to charities worldwide, meaning that SAFEPOKEMAN AUCTIONS is not profiting from the penny auction marketplace. Some items may be subject to a small % of royalty fees. These fees, if applicable will be deducted from the final sale price and distributed accordingly along with the remainder % being donated to charity


Liquidity is the ability of a token to be easily converted into cash or other tokens. Low liquidity levels mean that market volatility is present, causing dips and spikes in cryptocurrency prices.
High liquidity, on the other hand, means there is a stable market, with few fluctuations in price.
Liquidity funded by SAFEPOKEMAN AUCTIONS is locked for 3 years. When you add liquidity on PancakeSwap, you add BNB & $SPKMAN tokens to the pool.

Safepokeman Ico Liquidity is an investment. You do get the charged the transaction fees when you stake and unstake liquidity. That’s part of the contract & out of the control. The longer you leave your liquidity investment in place, the more you earn. You can add or remove liquidity at any time. Find ‘How To Stake Liquidity’ guides in our official Telegram.


AUCTIONS aims to be the leading auction marketplace platform for mass
adoption on the Binance Smart Chain. Built strategically to incorporate penny auction functions
and hyper burning mechanisms. This will enhance the way people bid and win on auctions.
SAFEPOKEMAN AUCTIONS aim to make valuable TCG products, NFTs, memorabilia and much
more accessible to everyone. The penny auction marketplace allows users to purchase bid
packages to bid in increments of 1 cent, therefore users will be able to win auctions at insanely
low prices.