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What Is ZeroFi(ZERI) ? Complete Guide Review About ZeroFi

What Is ZeroFi(ZERI) ?

ZeroFi(ZERI) is a combat role-playing NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform with Zero Fee goal and Metaverse orientation. The advancing and maturing NFT market creates a favorable environment for the birth of ZeroFi. ZeroFi originally denotes “GamiFied Finance,” a concept combining DeFi, NFT, and gaming. ZeroFi is a remaking of traditional gaming business models by innovating and blending NFT and games into a new application scenario. Zerofi brings players entertainment, creativity through building their own NFTs. Players can also earn extra income from playing games and from the value of their NFTs.

Certain terms have been discussed in the above passage or will be discussed in the coming passages. DeFi means decentralized finance that’s the benefit of the Blockchain; that’s Binance Smart Chain in our case. While GameFi means gaming and decentralized finance, that is a type of gaming known as P2E, or you can say Play to Earn. Now for the NFT’s, which stands for Non-fungible tokens, we have this kind of asset, and it may be of any kind of visual media like a picture, GIF, or video that is sold against cryptocurrency.

ZeroFi(ZERI)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZeroFi
Short Name(ZERI)
Circulating Supply8,850,000.00 ZERI
Max Supply500,000,000
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Our goal is to explore the infinite possibilities of NFT as a creativity infrastructure, subvert existing content and value sharing models with community co-creation and sharing mechanisms, so creativity and value can once again flourish in communities. Together with developers, and in a spirit of co-creation and sharing, we’ll build a metaverse with universally recognized NFT assets. Thereby, players can happily relax while experiencing the game.


Our basic idea is to show everyone that it is possible to make money and enjoy playing at the same time with Zerofi. In addition, Zerofi also overcomes some of the current issues of games built on Binance Smart Chain, which is the low processing speed and the high fee to participate in the games.

Play To Earn

Your time is a valuable asset. And that’s what we take care of a lot. There’s a built-in function like other games that you earn but not similar other games, with Zerofi, you will earn real-time money, which is ZERI and ZEUS (2 tokens used in the game). You might think, how is it possible to earn money by playing the game? The fact is, this is all real and true, and we are here offering you to play our character-based game and earn. So why not expose yourself to more than one task at a time. Amuse yourself by taking part in realistic combat and make money for yourself.

NFT Marketplace

With multi-characters and equipment inventory, Zerofi is expected to bring a new experience to players. The Marketplace is where you can buy/sell characters to earn ZERI or buy/sell equipment to earn ZEUS With the internal NFT transfer feature, players can give, receive and exchange NFT flexibly and securely. The core strength of the character comes from your fighting skills and partly from auxiliary equipment. A character with good equipment along with skilled player will be able to win and get more rewards.


We have the orientation to develop Zerofi in the direction of metaverse through the development of graphics and technology. Accompanying other Tech Corps, we want to bring players the most real feeling and experience. Maintaining and growing the number of players is vital to every project. That’s why Zerofi team always tries to update new trends, improve and build the game in line with the trend so that players always have new experiences and really enjoy the game from time to time