HomeCOINSWhat Is Werecoin EV Charging (WRC)? Complete Guide Review About Werecoin EV Charging.

What Is Werecoin EV Charging (WRC)? Complete Guide Review About Werecoin EV Charging.

What Is Werecoin EV Charging (WRC)?

Connect every charging equipement and allow anybody to share its own and be compensated seamlessly. Ready for your clean and sustainable mobility. Investing in a public offering of tokens as defined involves risks of partial or total loss of the investment. No guarantee is given as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offering, the existence of a secondary market for these tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offering and the equivalent value of these currency tokens. Werecoin EV Charging Tokens are not financial instruments and confer no rights other than those described in this information document. In addition, the regulatory framework applicable to the offering and tokens as well as the tax regime applicable to the holding of tokens are not yet defined or are only partly defined in some jurisdictions.

Werecoin EV Charging Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWerecoin EV Charging
Short NameWRC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply89,500,000,000
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Werecoin EV Charging Team

Register your EV charging station

No need to wait for the big players. Help your fellow EV riders and get revenue from it. If you have an accessible connected charging station, you just have to register your EV supply equipment in the blockchain with the Werenode DApp.

Just plug and charge

Connect instantly to any EV supply equipment with your phone. Use fiat, XTZ or WRC tokens to pay your charging session. There is currently no simple and reliable payment mechanism allowing the sharing of charging points between individuals or ensuring full interoperability between the multiplicity of small charging operators. Werenode’s solution here brings a disruptive advance likely to considerably accelerate the number of charging stations available to the public.
Werecoin EV Charging innovation can make a decisive contribution to the widespread adoption of clean vehicles by eliminating the fear of running out of energy, which is particularly sensitive for drivers of electric vehicles in rural areas but also for users of more financially accessible vehicles, who do not have battery with considerable autonomy.

EV Charging Market

Europe is equipped with more than 350,000 public charging points in 2021 and a total of 2 million charging stations are announced for. They believe that the market for private or semi-public charging stations (condominiums, hotels and restaurants, individuals) will develop rapidly. Your solution will facilitate the rapid emergence of this secondary network of charging stations by facilitating the management of small fleets of charging stations.

The Problem

Werecoin EV Charging customers encounter very concrete difficulties, which are sufficient to represent a significant barrier to the adoption of clean vehicles. Indeed, the charging infrastructure is currently scarce in almost all regions of the world. The number of charging stations is struggling to keep up with the rise in the number of electric vehicles in most countries. Each operator seeks to capture users by encouraging subscriptions, often with higher rates for non-subscription pay-as-you-go. This trend penalizes pay-as-you-go and pushes for market concentration.

However, this paves the way for an open marketplace facilitating the emergence of new small recharging players (such as restaurants or hotels, for example). Adding several levels of intermediaries adds up to the costs. Indeed, the margins of mobility providers (MSP), charging operators (CPO) and interoperability platforms add up. The blockchain ecosystem built by Werenode enables disintermediation and ensures recharge transactions with optimized costs.

The Solution

Werecoin EV Charging use the blockchain technologies to build an open and decentralized digital ecosystem for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Anyone can become a microcharging operator as simply as by creating a Tezos wallet, which allows a multiplicity of operators to join the ecosystem and increase the number of accessible charging stations. Therefore, there will be instant payments in Fiat/Crypto traceable on the blockchain. Your project thus allows peer-to-peer recharging. The owner of a charging point can easily share his plug with other users by adding his charging point on your web platform.

This allows to provide a marketplace for small charging station operators and to “uberize” the charging market. In addition, your web platform allows the simplified management of terminals. In the future, your solution will make pay-as-yougo for vehicle-to-vehicle charging possible, allowing some of its battery charge to be transferred with other users. Werecoin EV Charging simple and efficient process paves the way for easier implementation of the new services associated with the charging of electric vehicles (Plug & Charge, Smart Charge, V2G, etc.) and for the connection with other innovative services, such as decarbonisation monitoring, guarantee of origin of electricity, etc.

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