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What Is Arkania Protocol (ANIA)? Complete Guide Review About Arkania Protocol.

What Is Arkania Protocol (ANIA)?

Arkania Protocol is a multi-chain launchpad that helps you find the next big project to invest in, while at the same time helping projects reach out to a wide community of eager backers. Redefining the IDO experience, Arkania is a platform full of unlimited possibilities. Get access to a plethora of projects in a single place. Today’s launchpads are slow, sometimes confusing, expensive and isolate both new and experienced investors. Participation is restricted to a select few and technical issues seem to be the norm, rather than the exception. With the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the whole world became fascinated by the decentralized ecosystem.

However, the project that really exploded the potential of ICOs was Ethereum. In 2014, buyers received ether in exchange for bitcoin, and over $2.2 million was raised in the frst 12 hours. At the end of the sale, more than 50 million ether was sold, amounting to about $17.3 million. After the massive success experienced by Ethereum, other projects began to adopt ICOs for capital and fund development. Soon enough, cryptocurrencies began to gain popularity and evolved to become a means of transacting on decentralized platforms and solving major problems.

Arkania Protocol the total market cap of cryptocurrencies had reached $850 billion dollars. At this point, It was quite clear that cryptocurrencies were here to stay, and the growth of the ecosystem didn’t stop there. In that same year, the Initial Coin Ofering or ICO, an interesting method of fundraising for projects, took the crypto-world by storm. Since its introduction to the blockchain ecosystem, and majorly between 2017 and 2018, ICOs have raised billions of dollars for various projects.

Arkania Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameArkania Protocol
Short NameANIA
Circulating Supply11,534,272.26 ANIA
Total Supply100,000,000
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Tier System

Against other launchpads based on more tokens = more tickets, in Arkania Protocol world, everyone who stake ANIA token get one ticket. Everyone with the ticket is able to buy IDO tokens, system is First come first serve. The difference is how much you want to invest in IDOs and that seems fair. Your starting point is 10 000 ANIA giving you 1 lottery ticket for allocation worth $250. Why waste time and effort finding the next golden goose when you can invest in the most promising projects right here on Arkania? Invest early on and reap the benefits.

High Quality Project

The two sentences in the quote perfectly depict is. But before moving to explain what the Arkania Protocol is and the impact are here to make, they would love to frst explain where the word ‘Arkania’ itself is goten from. The Word ‘Arkania’ comes from an old Star Wars comic story, where the planet Arkania exists, full of diamonds. The Arkanians (the citizens of the kingdom) mine these diamonds in order to strengthen their ties to other worlds and to perfect their technology. The Protocol creates a leveled playing ground for all investors and founders globally. Also, serve as a go-to for highly educational crypto content for both crypto veterans and newbies.

Similar to the story from the comic book, Protocol is a complete world where your users (citizens) can fnd the most promising and highly veted blockchain projects (gems) with solid fundamentals and long-term use cases. Also, these highly veted projects enjoy access to a solid pool of platform users and investors. Simply put, the Protocol serves as a link between the two parties involved the projects and the users. Your platform protects and secures retail investors by assessing and validating initiatives with the potential to succeed. On the other hand, projects beneft from an ever-ready Arkania community of investors, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.


Arkania Protocol is commited to assisting cryptocurrency startups in issuing tokens and building liquidity. They serve as the frst point of contact for new projects with the community before they mature and become fully public. Your mission is to atract the best blockchain companies and link them with eager and commited investors. Your objective and mission are to build a thriving ecosystem where new projects enjoy access to a community of active users while improving the lives of these users by providing early access to high-quality, and well-veted projects.


To pioneer a revolutionary project launch model and redefne the launchpad users‘ experience. Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchain projects have risen exponentially. Arkania Protocol fact, the blockchain market valuation went from $1.59 billion to $11.5 billion in just 4 years. And the growth hasn’t stopped.

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