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What Is MoonRaise (MRT)? Complete Guide Review About MoonRaise.

What Is MoonRaise (MRT)?

Issue first-time tokens to investors on many ecosystems such as BinanceSmartChain, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, InternetCompunter, Near, Mina, and other new ecosystems. MoonRaise will provide information on projects that need funding. Investors can invest in projects they like for a period of time and get the profits that the project commits to. MoonRaise Fund an investment fund managed by Foundation that uses 18% of MRT tokens to invest in supporting startup projects, profits will be used to buyback MRT tokens goal is to connect early investors with potential projects, investors will have access to official project information in the most public and transparent way, investment opportunities with many projects on many different ecosystems, startup projects easily access capital from the investment community.

MoonRaise Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMoonRaise
Short NameMRT
Circulating Supply5,000,000.00 MRT
Total Supply100,000,000
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Projects will have to submit dossiers, dossiers will be censored in two ways. Foundation Council or Community Council. MoonRaise Foundation Council censorship board or 3rd parties authorized by Raise. Community Council community-censored board – MRT token holders will have the right to vote for the project they deem worthy After submitting the application and passing the project appraisal round, you can IDO on.

Community Investing

Projects in Community Investing will have to commit profit when investing in the project for a period of time, investors staking their MRT tokens into the projects as a committed investment during that time. The project has the full right to use this amount of MRT tokens as capital to use in their projects. After the commitment period, the project will return tokens and profits to investors. The risk of this form can be that the investment is lost because the project is failed, but in return, the profit of the project could be very huge. MoonRaise will only be the one to connect and provide project information, deciding to invest in a certain project is your right, they will not be responsible.

MoonRaise Fund

The investment fund managed by MoonRaise Foundation Investment Fund accounts for 18% of the total MRT token supply – equivalent to 18,000,000 tokens that will be used by the team to invest in potential projects listed on the launchpad. Profits from investing in these projects will be used to buy back MRT tokens to increase the value of MRT tokens in the long term and support investment in potential projects launched on Raise. The number of funds disbursed for investment by Raise Fund will be limited to no more than 2,000,000 tokens annually to ensure a partial reduction of possible risks. Before 2027 – when Raise has not become a Dao, Raise Foundation will be the manager of this fund. After 2027, all funds will be assigned to the community to manage by the DAO method.


Staking is a way for you to both profits from locking MRT and also a way for you to increase your tier in Launchpad. There will be IDOs only for high-ranked staking users.

MoonRaise Foundation

Includes developers with years of experience in building and developing blockchain products from all over the world, however, they do not wish to reveal your identities. They want to focus on developing Raise into a decentralized fundraising platform for crypto projects, with the desire to help every cryptocurrency project that has the conditions to develop. They will empower the community again when Moon fully becomes DAO.

Personal Data

In the event of a personal data breach concerning personal data processed by the data importer under these Clauses, the data importer shall take appropriate measures to address the breach, including measures to mitigate its adverse effects. The data importer shall also notify the data exporter without undue delay after having become aware of the breach. MoonRaise it is not possible to provide all information at the same time, the initial notification shall contain the information then available and further information shall, as it becomes available, subsequently be provided without undue delay.

Such notification shall contain the details of a contact point where more information can be obtained, a description of the nature of the breach (including, where possible, categories and approximate number of data subjects and personal data records concerned), its likely consequences and the measures taken or proposed to address the breach including, where appropriate, measures to mitigate its possible adverse effects.


MoonRaise Roadmap
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