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What Is Starlaunch? (STARS) Complete Guide Review About Starlaunch.

What Is Starlaunch?

The Starlaunch Coin community will have guaranteed allocations based on a tier system that is familiar to them. Layer-two systems, according to the researchers, are not long-term feasible alternatives. The team’s strength is in assisting promising startup ventures with funding and incubation

This is the next step in the progression of crypto launches. StarLaunch is the Solana network’s first insured project accelerator and launchpad, designed by the same company that brought you CardStarter. The StarLaunch community will benefit from guaranteed allocations based on a tier system, as well as the same insurance program as CardStarter. 

With a simple Know Your Customer process, projects and investors will have a pleasant experience. Candidates for the Starlaunch Coin Propulsion Program will be nurtured and given direct access to a vast internal network of partners.

Starlaunch Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStarlaunch Coin
Short NameSPA
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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Two-Token Model

$STARS token staking generates Hydrazine ($N2H4), a utility token which earns users opportunity for early contribution access to vetted IDOs launching through Starlaunch platform. 

Propulsion Program

Incubated projects have access to valuable resources and services, including: Token Engineering, Security Audits, Frontend, Socials, Awareness, and Branding 

Insurance Program

Starlaunch Coin users can participate with confidence, knowing they are protected in the event of project failure due to exploits or team negligence. 

Deflationary by Design

The novel two-token model decouples market volatility from platform governance. Staked but unlocked STARS are subject to decay, making the platform deflationary by design.


Starlaunch offers insurance protection to its backers for every IDO launched on its platform for a period of 3 months post-IDO, until a launched project functions as proposed, and a product is delivered. In the rare event that a project doesn’t go as planned, whether due to a DeFi exploit, vaporware, or team wrongdoing, the insurance payout will provide every IDO participant a refund of their original allocation amount in USDC. You can read all about it in this Medium article

KYC needed to participate in sales on StarLaunch?

Yes. While staking STARS and producing $N2H4 doesn’t require KYC, participating in sales on our platform does require KYC. KYC is handled by our partner Fractal and you can complete your KYC by following this link

What are the different stages during a sale?Each sale consists of 3 phases:

  • The $N2H4 Burn window – During this window, everyone that’s KYC verified and on the whitelist, will be able to burn $N2H4. Your burned $N2H4 relative to the total amount of $N2H4 decides how many IDO tokens you’re allowed to purchase during the whitelist sale.
  • The whitelist sale – During this window, you can pay for your allocation that you secured by burning $N2H4 during the Burn window.
  • The FCFS Sale. If there’s any amount left unpaid for after the whitelist sale, all that’s left will be sold on a FCFS basis. FCFS Sale is open to those that burned $N2H4 during the IDO. Each IDO has a FCFS cap per wallet and this can be found on the IDO page.7: I want to buy STARS tokens on Raydium or Symmetry, but I do not have USDC in my Phantom wallet.

What is the easiest way to acquire some USDC?

Starlaunch Coin you have an account on FTX, Binance, Kucoin, or another CEX that supports bridging to Solana, you could acquire an amount of SOL there. Next, you would transfer your SOL to your Solana-native non-custodial wallet. They recommend using Phantom. Once you have done this, you can swap some of your SOL for USDC. Note: it is important to keep a bit of SOL in your wallet at all times to cover tx fees.