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What Is Stable One Rocket(SROCKET) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Stable One Rocket

What Is Stable One Rocket(SROCKET)

They see this project helping in two different ways. First, it allows users to decide on which projects they’d like us to build next. This way anything that Stable One Rocket builds will instantly have users, and a community surrounding the project. Second, WAGMI (we’re all going to make it).

We’ll all be in the same boat (or ship in this case) and as the projects profit, $SROCKET holders profit as well. We’re building and launching these projects so that they can all launch together, and prove that you don’t need massive amounts of external funding from large corporations to build amazing projects.

Stable One Rocket Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStable One Rocket
Max Supply100,000
Total Supply100,000
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The Stable One Rocket DAO will now be governed by the $SROCKET token.

Proportional Voting Rights on which projects should be developed next. See the “Voting Cycle” section in the White Paper for more details.

Profit Sharing on all future AND past StableOne ventures

Yes, you heard that right, all $SROCKET holders will receive MATIC rewards from Stable One Rocket Coin existing platform as well as the royalties of all Dragon Den NFT sales!

Upcoming Project

StableOne’s Polygon Portfolio backed Stablecoin

This project would create a portfolio similar to that of FEI but on the Polygon network in order to create a StableCoin that has underlying wealth associated with it

StableOne’sNFT Trading Platform

A marketplace in which users can instantly swap NFTs like trading cards with other users. Additionally, there may be functionality similar to LooksRare or OpenSea

StableOne’s Decentralized Exchange

Stable One Rocket Liquidity will be owned by the platform reducing the need for soliciting external liquidity pairs (ultimately increasing the profitability of the exchange for token holders).

StableOne’sMargin Trading

Due to the underlying liquidity of the protocol, we can introduce trading on margin within certain limits, something not yet brought to any other platform

StableOne’s FlashLoans Protocol

Similar to Aave’sFlash Loans but Polygon Native.

How does it work?

The mechanics are quite simple. Stable One Rocket will, from this day forward, officially become a DAO, governed by stakeholders. The governance token $SROCKET will grant users the ability to share in the decision making process for which projects will launch next, and as $SROCKET holders, you’ll also share in the profits of ALL of the additional ventures.

For instance, if Stable One Rocket Coin were to launch a new DeFi clone of UniSwap on the Polygon chain. 100% of the profits from the fees on the Uniswap clone would be distributed proportionally to token holders.

$SROCKET Tokenomics

There will be a fixed supply of 100,000 $SROCKET, priced at a total valuation of 10,000,000 MATIC.

The total amount of $SROCKET available to the public will be 65,000.

The team will reserve 10,000 $SROCKET vested over 4 years with a 1 year cliff.

There will be 20,000 $SROCKET reserved for developers and other community members that assist with the production of future applications.

Additionally there will be 5,000 $SROCKET reserved to be staked as a liquidity pair on various exchanges

Initial Cycles

Within the first two cycles, we’d like to start off building some foundational applications that can then be leveraged in our subsequent projects. To stay true to our mission, we’ve decided that we’ll need at least two of the following baseline applications which will tremendously improve the DeFi in general, and specifically DeFi on the Polygon Network.

The hope is to snowball these projects into a Protocol owned liquidity format in which the Protocol itself has a decent amount of collateral associated with it’s projects so that we can leverage that liquidity and inject it into our newly launched DApps. Token holders will be able to vote on which of these platforms will be built on each of these cycles

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