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What Is Squishiverse (SLIME)? Complete Guide Review About Squishiverse.

What Is Squishiverse (SLIME)?

The Squishiverse is more than just your run of the mill cute slime-like profile picture project. It is your mission to help educate, incubate, and provide as much utility as can to your Squishie holders and smaller artists across the broader NFT space and help foster Web3 culture into the mainstream. It is important to note that most $SLIME will be mainly produced through staking. Play 2 Earn mechanisms will work around item drops and market sales.

Your Squishie will produce $SLIME each day, and it is timestamp based — meaning it looks at the time of the block your Squishies were staked at, and compares it to the current time in which you want to view your rewards accrued. Rewards refresh instantly, but may be up to 30 seconds because of cache.

Squishiverse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSquishiverse
Short NameSLIME
Circulating Supply8,548,389.00 SLIME
Total Supply8,548,389
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Core values

One of the Squishiverse’s core values is to support and incubate smaller artists with their entrance into the broader Web3 ecosystem. The artist behind these cute Squishies — FourLeafClover — is the embodiment of this vision. Clover, an artist based in Thailand, found herself without a job during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

She instantly found love and support in her journey within the Web3 world after spending time in communities such as Sappy Seals and Crypto Mories. She very quickly became a tremendous community member and began providing everyone with art that they grew to love.

In Squishiverse minds a very serious problem within the NFT world needs to be permanently squished. The Web2 industry is known for not supporting artists, nor supporting developers — it only supports the giants and their stakeholders. They want to rectify this situation. On top of supporting talented artists, the Squishiverse also plans to support developers who have been neglected and abused within the Web2 industry.


$SLIME is a ERC20 utility token for the Squishiverse. It will serve as the currency for the game and the medium of exchange for Squishiverse gasless marketplace. This marketplace will include in-game items for our Metaverse (Squishiverse).

Here is an overview of the breakdown of your tokenomics:

  • 20% Treasury: This will be kept within the Gnosis safe for a multitude of purposes, such as community cases, funding the bridge, etc.
  • 20% Liquidity: They have set aside 20% of supply to be used for your liquidity pool. The pool was opened up with 123k, and will be fed with more $SLIME if it is needed.
  • 20% NFT Staking: This amount of supply is strictly from the amount pre-mined from Squishie NFT staking. This will give 1.5+ years of pre-mining the token, assuming 100% of Squishies are staked.
  • 15% Deflationary Protection: In the event your token becomes extremely hyper-inflationary, they have this amount of supply set aside to burn to counter-act this.
  • 10% Game Ecosystem: 100million $SLIME tokens will be dedicated immediately to the Squishiverse. This will fund in-game rewards, prize pools, etc.
  • 10% Team Reserve: These tokens will be initially kept in the treasury for emergency purposes or if there is ever a seed round. In the future, the tokens will be vested for X amount of years (once decided).
  • 5% Staking Reserve: These tokens are set aside for single-sided $SLIME staking and for liquidity providers.

Staking and xSlime

In the Squishiverse, Squishies are not simply staked, they are sent on Adventures. Every day they bring loot and rewards back to your custom L2 solution based on their rarity. In the future, they will continue to implement Staking features and provide incentives to stake. The Off-chain wallet will be used for earning. This will allow marketplace interactions to be completely gasless. You’ll only have to pay gas if you want to claim the $SLIME and have it in your web3 wallet.

Squishiverse website will display exactly how much $SLIME you have accrued, and your current balance at the time. The staking contract and rewards contract are separate. They plan to have upgrades in the future, and therefore they want to avoid all potential errors that could occur during this. If the two were coupled, both would be at risk and impacted.

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