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What Is GICTrade (GICT)? Complete Guide Review About GICTrade.

What Is GICTrade (GICT)?

The Breakthrough of two Advanced Technologies MetaTrader 5 and Blockchain Gives Birth to a Revolutionary P2P Blockchain Based Forex Trading Platform. GICTrade Pratama Futures as an official broker who reports all transactions to the Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ), then all customer funds are deposited into the Segregated Account of PT. Trijaya Pratama Futures. Segregated Account means a separate account supervised by an Indonesian government agency.

GICTrade Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGICTrade
Short NameGICT
Circulating Supply99,272,330.00 GICT
Total Supply100,000,000
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GIC Focus

GICTrade the FIRST Peer to Peer (P2P) Platform on Indonesia in an industry that still not concerned with the main party, namely the Traders. With P2P system GIC maximizes your trading results with almost zero cost experience without commission, free swap, and low spreads with no Deposit restrictions.

Forex Industry Problems

  • Trading is often thought as a gambling, and the market maker is the casino!
  • The high cost of trading makes it difficult for traders to reach profit and often lose.
  • Recording transactions owned by one party, making transparency is difficult to achieve.
  • To be Broker cannot be done by individuals, only for institutions large financial institutions such as banks and hedge funds.

P2P Trusted Forex Trading Platform

Unlike other conventional brokers, GIC is a peer to peer trading platform that brings together traders and market makers. With one click, you can choose to become a Trader or Broker. The low cost of trading on GIC makes Traders allows for more often to achieve profit than loss. Transaction recording is carried out by several parties and official partners in real time, making transparency become high.

Ease of Being a Market Maker

Brokers as a complement to transactions can carried out by individuals through GIC, not only for big financial institutions only. GICTrade is the world’s first Peer to Peer (P2P) Forex Trading Platform that allows investors to choose to be a Trader or a Market Maker. The GICTrade platform uses Metatrader 5 and Blockchain technology to produce safe and transparent trading for all users.

Why is GIC Started to be A New Breakthrough?

GICTrade is the first Forex trading platform that gives access to the investors to become Traders or Market Makers, in other words, investors as buyers will meet investors directly as sellers (Peer to Peer). With this concept, certainly, GICTrade becomes a platform at a very different level from common brokers:

  1. Fair and impartial to anyone since the Trader and the Market Maker are equal investors.
  2. By bringing together investors to other investors without passing through an institution or marketing broker, the trading costs on GICTrade reach the minimum rate no commission, free swap, and low spread.

What are the advantages of GIC compared to other brokers?

GICTrade is a P2P Trading Platform, not a broker or broker. GICTrade cooperates with licensed brokers and traders in Indonesia in recording and reporting customer trading on GICTrade. Once again, the P2P concept (customers meet directly with customers) is very powerful and opens many advantages for customers including:

  • Increase the trust of customers who trade on the GICTrade platform because GICTrade does not side with anyone who is the same as a customer.
  • GICTrade’s P2P trading ecosystem without going through institutions provides the advantage of ‘Zero Swap Charges’.
  • Zero Commissions – GIC benefits from network effects which means no commission fees.
  • Low Spread – With the P2P concept, GICTrade is able to provide very competitive and low spreads

Trading Security & Transparency

Blockchain technology strengthens technology security and is also peer to peer which prioritizes transaction transparency, enabling users to trade with confidence. In addition, trading on GIC is also safer, because GIC cooperates with legal brokers and traders and has official licenses in Indonesia for reporting all transactions to the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and Indonesian Futures Clearing House (KBI) which are under the supervision of CoFTRA.

Is GIC legal?

GICTrade is a legal forex trading platform established in Singapore and has received an official legal statement from Singapore Law Firm RHT Law Taylor Wessing LLP regarding the issuance of GICT tokens. Yes, in Indonesia, GIC with the Global Investa Cakrawala business entity cooperates with legal Brokers and Traders under the supervision of BBJ, KBI and CoFTRA.

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