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What Is UAVI Drone (UAVI)? Complete Guide Review About UAVI Drone.

What Is UAVI Drone (UAVI)?

Drones today are a bit like what a smartphone was just over a decade ago a wellknown device, but widely underestimated in terms of innovation and business potential. In the same way a smartphone combines a small portable telephone with a larger computer To people outside the industry, drones seem like a mere combination of a camera with a small airplane or helicopter, drones do a whole lot more than that.

Both the hardware and the software used to build drones have reached very advanced levels, so the key question now lies in drone applications. UAVI Drone already play a key role in all industry aspects and are indirectly helping citizens with everyday services. The record’s authenticity can be verified by the entire community using the blockchain, instead of a single centralized authority.

Blockchain technology is a distributed database technology that holds records of digital information with transparency, security and works without a controlled central organisation. The technology is primarily used to verify transactions within digital currencies, code and insert practically any document into the blockchain. Doing so creates an indelible record that cannot be changed.

UAVI Drone Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUAVI Drone
Short NameUAVI
Circulating Supply200,000,000.00 UAVI
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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What Is UAVI Drone (UAVI)? Complete Guide Review About UAVI Drone.


The UAVI Drone is building the world’s first decentralized crypto-drone
ecosystem. As part of the UAVI ecosystem, they are creating a community sharing & service oriented marketplace PLATFORM. The UAVI Platform provides DeFi solutions in the world of drones through the use of the UAVI token and UAVI NFT issuance plural.

They are developing blockchain-based data storage that provides a decentralized, transparent, unalterable data-security system for the drone market through the use of smart contracts. The UAVI Team`s vision is that blockchain is way more than a technology, they develop Business on Blockchain. Fast, accurate, fully documented work and 100% control over the tasks. Unalterable data storage, live image transmission and secured image and video storage.

UAVI token-based reward system

UAVI Drone will develop a UAVI token-based reward system to incentivise quality work, using the data recorded on the blockchain, where both the service provider and the customer will receive a gift after the completed transaction in UAVI tokens. Using the UAVI ecosystem offers benefits to everyone. In addition to usage and satisfaction-based credits, reliability, accuracy and quality also play a prominent role. Using and developing the UAVI ecosystem is a value that the system rewards.

In addition to rewarding the use of the system, they value the trust placed in it, so also offer significant rewards to Hodlers, after owning and holding purchased or rewarded UAVI tokens for a certain amount of time. (see Hodler system) they also value your outstanding experts, supporting their work through separate programs, be it a project idea (see Incubator program) or a partnership (see Ambassador program) or even participation in decision-making.

Managed exchange rate

UAVI Drone are, for example multi-level ICO followed by scheduled listing on exchanges reliability – fulfillment of the commitments made in the Road Map, reward system to help increasing the use of the UAVI token, deflationary monetary system – with the possibility of burning tokens hodler system – don’t just use it, keep some of your savings in UAVI and we reward you.

You will receive a significant bonus for keeping UAVI coins purchased under ICO-s or rewarded to you. expanding the network of experts – partnership with key experts, influencers, service providers airdrop system – they reward, encourage and support activities. They are aiming for a continuous increase in the value of UAVI tokens. They want to use all the available tools to do this.

Ambassador program

The UAVI Ambassador program aims to strengthen and grow the UAVI ecosystem, and is planned to be launched from 2023. As part of it’s vision for a global and vibrant community, UAVI is committed to support its ambassadors, who are actively involved in the UAVI platform and actively working to spread the word about the community drone-sharing system. With this in mind, the Ambassador program encourages UAVI-related content creation with token rewards.

UAVI Drone the Ambassador will focus on facilitating events, where new connections are made. The goal is to generate UAVI token traffic and encourage participation in the Hodler program. UAVI distributes rewards based on the performance of each ambassador in accordance with the rewarding structure.

Incubator program

UAVI Drone are planning to launch our incubator program to help the development of the UAVI ecosystem from 2023. They will support viable and novel project ideas that contribute to the growth of the UAVI drone ecosystem, be it the appearance of new services, hardware or software elements.

In the incubator program’s pre-defined areas they will be accepting innovative project ideas and business plans, for which they will provide financial support and infrastructure. In the incubator program, they would like to support unique project ideas where this can see that the team who implements it can come together, and the idea will be useful for the users of the UAVI ecosystem.

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