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Myuniverse Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam?

About Myuniverse Ico

Myuniverse Ico is a project aims to launch its native game and financial system related to metaverse technology and make it a real metaverse reinforced web3 project. PHILOSOPHY The beauty of the internet, and what I truly believe is the most powerful thing about it, is the access to view so many different ways of being. Marginalized people from different walks of life and experiences, can create content and tell their own stories without being filtered or swayed by traditional media companies.

The internet doesn’t just have ONE kind of story or way of being online creators have full control of what they put out there and how they want to be represented. Your perspective, who you are, and the context in which you come from, are a large part of what makes you a successful creator. Whether you started out in the spotlight, behind the camera, or anywhere in between, creators are well versed in different skills.

Myuniverse Honing in on certain areas by being hands-on, modern creators learn how to edit video through tutorials, design their own graphics by learning photoshop and even create their own music tracks. It helps to learn a little bit of everything, even if you have your own video team. The modern creator wants to know it all.

Myuniverse Ico Key Information

Token NameMyuniverse Ico
Ico Price$0.001000
Token For Sale100,000,000 MYUNI
Personal Cap20 USDT
Total Supply4%
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How to Participate?

1- Click on the pre-sale URL 2- Connect your metamask wallet (You’ll see the “Connect” button at the top right side) 3- Then determine the amount of USDT you want to invest and proceed.


Myuniverse Ico gaming industry (and also the use of NFT) has become one of the main drivers of blockchain adoption among the public. And many giants of the gaming world have become aware of this. Enormous investments are being made to develop video game technology based on the blockchain.

Financial Ecosystem

FINANCIAL ECOSYSTEM This financial ecosystem consists of softwares processing on blockchain. NFTs The game will be played in order to symbolize nft photographs and other digital file types. My Universe offers affordance to the players. This mentioned affordance is «literally unlimited». Imagine a universe in which you can become «THE CREATOR». So they (again using the phrase of «literally unlimited») offer you an unlimited creation ability in My Universe.

NFT Marketplace

Myuniverse will enable people to create instant NFT marketplaces while fighting in their battlefield and sell these mentioned NFTs through our stock exchange.


The game is designed to make people experience a Metaverse game joy and gain a seat in their lifes forever. The goal of the players is to travel among all the planets and galaxies in the universe and interact, struggle each other and explore new star systems in a total ecosystem which is not controlled by any centre.


Myuniverse Ico that is a project does not only aim to create a metaverse ecosystem, also establishing its own financial “galaxy”.


A universe will also allow you to interact and trade between each other using this instantaneous NTF marketplace and execute a native financial ecosystem.

Token Financial

The $MYUNI Token is currently a standard BEP20 token of the Binance Smart Chain network with a limited supply of $MYUNI. The technology is also ready to create tokens following the BEP-20 standard of the Binance Smart Chain in the future.

Join the intergalactic neighbourhood

Join one of the thriving community Galactic Hubs, where you and like minded travelers can create a new frontier.

Explore, Build and Survive Together

Myuniverse Ico Experience up to 32 multiplayer game when you summon the social hub, the Space Anomaly, from anywhere in the universe. Form a group, go on inter-galactic missions together or visit each other’s bases.

Setting up bases, anywhere, on any planet

Team up to build anything from small outposts to complex multi-planet colonies. Farm for resources, hire helpers, or build a mobile base in your freighter.


CEO – Astra

CTO – Naka

Lawyer – Yuuki

Blockchain Director – CF

Advisor – Shanks

Advisor – Rorono

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