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What Is SuperStep (SGMT) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About SuperStep

What Is SuperStep (SGMT)?

SuperStep is a fitness DAPP empowered by Game-Fi mechanism. Trading health for wealth is one of the most tragic phenomenons of time. Many who work overtime and during weekends are likely going to spend the second half of their lives at hospitals instead of beach resorts.

When the world cries for goodness and wellness, the SuperStep Coin team answers. The solution is to introduce a jog-to-earn mechanism inspired by multiple GameFi which has from time-to-time proven to be popular and successful. In a nutshell, players turn on the app to record their jogging mileage and receive financial reward in $SGST.

The goal of SuperStep Coin is to actualize the monetization of fitness in an ethical and productive way, fostering a vibrant community of work-out enthusiasts and shaping a better world.

SuperStep Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSuperStep
Short NameSGMT
Circulating Supply60,000,000.00 SGMT
Total Supply6,000,000,000
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Game Modes

Casual Mode

Users equip sneakers and manually activate SuperStep Coin to start earning Super Green Satoshi Tokens (SGST). When This is activated, 1 stamina will be consumed every 5 minutes.

SuperStep utilizes GPS to track users’ movement and distribute rewards accordingly. $SGST and $SGMT earning rates are solely determined by the sneaker’s “efficiency” attributes.

Users can’t earn additional $SGST or $SGMT once the stamina is depleted. While Jogging, users randomly receive shoebox drops. Users have chances to unlock sneaker, add-ons and $SGMT from the shoeboxes.

Idle Mode (Available in Alpha Test)

When you are working at the office or sleeping, you can also generate $SGST depending on how many sneakers that you have. The details of idle earning will be updated in the whitepaper later.

Weekly Competitive Mode (TBD)

Competitive matches are held on a weekly basis where joggers compete with others and receive rewards. In order to participate, runners have to register as a candidate at least 24 hours prior to the match.

SuperStep Coin Weekly competitive modes are diversified into 4 tiers of mileage that suit both the casual and competitive runners. Competitive Mileage: 3km, 5km,7km,10km

Registered runners will receive notifications once every 2 days from registration date to the date of the match.

Every runner is required to use a fully-repaired sneaker with full stamina that is above uncommon rarity to participate in the match. While runners compete for the winner reward, the mileage they run during the match will also be counted and eligible to receive casual mode earning.

Energy system

Every user is assigned a daily energy limit, he/she can’t earn $SGST or $SGMT once the stamina is depleted.

Stamina depletes by time, 1 stamina is consumed every 5 minutes once the casual mode is activated. Stamina will begin replenishing upon deactivation.

SuperStep Coin Owning more and higher-tier sneakers increases your maximum stamina. Stamina replenishes 25% every 6 hours until it reaches the maximum.



Each time your sneaker reaches a higher level or rarity, you can assign additional attribute points to improve the sneaker in four aspects. The change in attribute points will affect the sneaker’s earning efficiency, durability and fortune.

1. Efficiency

As the word indicates, efficiency is the main determinant of your rate of earning. Choosing the sneaker with higher efficiency allows you to earn more $SGST and $SGMT per Stamina.

2. Luck

Every jogger at SuperStep will encounter random shoebox drops from time to time. Higher fortune gives you a higher frequency of drops.

3. Comfort

Comfort determines the repair cost of your sneaker. When your sneaker’s comfort points go up, the repair cost goes down.

4. Resilience

SuperStep Coin Sneakers of higher level or rarity are subject to higher repair cost, that makes Resilience extremely important. Assigning a decent amount of endurance points to your shoes increases its durability.


Superstep economy including Move-to-earn, Staking, buy-backs and burns. SGMT is the governance token of ecosystem and SGST is the utility token of Superstep.

SGMT Utility

SGMT is the governance token of SuperStep, which can be used for voting, staking and Jog-to-Earn.

1. Governance

Vote to support a proposal by participating in DAO governance.

2. Staking

Earn yield by staking your SGMT.

3. Buy-back

50% 0f the trading tax will be used for buy-backs.

4. Burns

Sneaker minting and leveling up consumes SGMT. Besides, 50% of trading tax will be used for buy-back and burn SGMT.


What Is SuperStep (SGMT) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About SuperStep
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