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KubeCoin Ico Review: Universally Adoptable Through Multi-brand Platforms

About KubeCoin Ico

The digital currency that aims to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries, universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms. KubeCoin Ico is built on Cardano’s Blockchain, one of the 3rd generation revolutionary Cryptocurrencies improving Smart Contacts and achieving a more robust and intelligent platform. The digital currency that aims to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries, universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms. Built on Cardano.

KubeCoin will become the main token for travel & leisure in the real world, with the integration of Cryptocurrencies in the day-to-day lives of users. Thanks to Ecosystem, they will be able to create 7 innovative projects ranging from own Wallet with different functionalities to an Online Platform for NFTs.

KubeCoin Ico Key Information

Token NameKubeCoin Ico
Ico Price$0.130000
Token For Sale67,200,000 KUBE
Personal Cap€100-€100k
Total Supply14%
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How many KubeCoin tokens are in circulation?

Total Supply: 480M

* 16% Pre-sale

* 10% Liquidity Locked

* 10% Board * 10% Burn

* 4% Ecosystem Expansion

* 36% Public Offering

* 14% ICO



The matrix, a startup founded in 2017 offering Surprise trips. Currently, the company’s gross profit is around 5,000,000€. It operates in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Eat Kube

It transforms the way people go out, to have dinner or lunch with their friends/partner through multiple surprise food experiences.

NFT Platform

Online Marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens.


The own wallet will be available for iOS and Android where you will be able to buy and sell KubeCoin, Cardano Native Tokens, purchase Leisure & Travel products from platforms, and global premium partners, access NFT Online Marketplace and Payments.

NFT Project

The own unique collection of NFTs will give their holders first access to exclusive events, special sales, airdrops, and a lot of unique benefits.


“The secret to avoiding stagnation, is to create brands that are flexible and can work in several different markets with many different lines of business, for example: travel, restaurants, gift cards and boxes, leisure, nightlife and much more. KubeCoin Ico and the KubeSystem are the major programs which support the engine.“

What makes KubeCoin unique?

KubeCoin has been designed to support Kube Ecosystem and become the exchangeable currency for your daily-world purchases, being unique in its aim to revolutionize the travel and leisure industry through its connection to our entire ecosystem and several other established businesses which allows rapid scalability and a shared ‘ecosystem’ connecting all of the lines of business.


Create an identity: the launch of KubeCoin Ico is a great opportunity to represent what goals are, what want to achieve and what we can offer our users in terms of value. The more they establish the brand as a positive presence in the industry, the more chances we’ll have to build brand identity and customer loyalty.


The users decision made for them. They revolutionized this
concept so that the choice was up to system. It is faster,
easier, secure and much more dynamic.


The model was implemented in order to maximise scalability and profitability in the near and far future, particularly thanks to the help of: leveraging resources, reductions in management and operating costs and the maximization of our global expansion by centralizing the technology. Everything flows through the KubeSystem, strong technology which was designed to connect and automatize the processes of our business lines and partnering platforms.

Who is the founder of KubeCoin?

KubeCoin Ico was founded in Barcelona in 2021. Paolo Della Pepa, the CEO, had a vision to create a token that would become the main coin in the travel and leisure industries. As an investor of cryptocurrencies, Paolo knew that it was the future.

Due to the success of FlyKube and the potential of EatKube, expanding the Kube Ecosystem, which contains the 7 verticals, was the right thing to do. The surprise concept is modern, unique and also interests a lot of current travellers. This concept can be applied to many sectors such as leisure and entertainment.

Paolo has a very talented team of developers and designers, alongside the marketing department in order to promote the implementation of this token onto the other platforms from the Kube Ecosystem. Paolo and his team wanted to create something strong and substantial and that is what they have done.

How is the KubeCoin network secured?

As kubecoin is a Cardano Native Token we have all the benefits of the Cardano network. Meaning we have no need to worry about higher fees, or the security of our token’s smart contract which is completely integrated into the cardano blockchain. Currently, we are working on the KubeCoin Wallet, which will be released in March 2022

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