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What Is MilkyWayEx (MILKY) ? Complete Guide Review About MilkyWayEx

What Is MilkyWayEx (MILKY) ?

MilkyWayEx goal is to become the largest token on the Binance Smart Chain, not in market cap, not in volume but in impact. Giving back to community via monetary rewards is an essential objective at MILKY. MILKY aims to make a platform that constantly grows until it can achieve in top 3 launchpad on BSC.

MilkyWayEx (MILKY)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMilkyWayEx
Short Name(MILKY)
Circulating Supply728,038,801.00 MILKY
Max Supply15,000,000,000
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MilkywayEx System

MilkywayEx is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Binance Smart Chain network. Different from other DEXs, we’re invested in building a strong foundation with MILKY token as a governance token, diverse farms, a built-in bridge, built-in limit orders, and user-centered service.

MilkyWayEx In the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency markets, stable coins are introduced as an important asset class to provide price stability backed by fiat currencies such as US dollars. Users trading stable coins on Pancakeswap often suffer from large slippage, which discourages trading activities on Binance Smart Chain. is launched mainly to solve this problem with better exchange experiences for , and allows users to trade with lowest transaction fees.

Virtual Machine Technology

MilkyWayEx In the blue ocean of blockchain, Binance Smart Chain can be pictured as a vast island, Polkadot – is an archipelago, and – a free trading port. The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem island has various applications like shops in a massive bazaar of the isle. However, its underlying infrastructure is still relatively simple.

MilkyWayEx The whole island is an independent, self-contained, closed-loop ecology. If developers want to expand, they will need to build elevated railways or something similar to their choice. The Polkadot ecology archipelago contains a mother island in the center and small islands connected to the mother island through undersea tunnels, where all transportation and people flow between the small islands and pass through the mother island as a transfer station.


The native trading platform can be used in addition to the reward tokens of the abovedescribed wallet view for the trading of any tradeable PancakeSwap V2 pair.

Why Choose Us ?

MilkywayEx will innovate decentralized finance by developing a platform that allow investors to buy into new cryptocurrency projects before the tokens are publicly released and also featuring protocols to give investors sustainable growth when they adopt newly introduced projects.

KYC create function will initiate partnerships and feature projects with optional KYC’s.

Project Analysis create function will double check partner projects and find safe and potential projects.


Total Supply: 16,000,000,000 MILKY

– KYC Presale (48.24%): 7,718,400,000 MILKY
– Private Presale (19.50%): 3,120,000,000 MILKY (Unsold tokens will be burnt)
– Farming + Stake (12.5%): 2,000,000,000 MILKY
– Airdrop (0.63%): 100,000,000 MILKY
– Dev & Team (10%): 1,600,000,000 MILKY (Lock 3 years & Vesting 2% every 8 months)
– Backer (6.88%): 1,100,000,000 MILKY (Lock 2 years & Vesting 1% every 4 months)
– Marketing (2.26%): 361,600,000 MILKY



MilkyWayEx Buy Back and Burn Mechanism Here is the composition build to buy back and burn MILKY tokens. In , transaction fees include protocol fees while one transaction proceeds All the MILKY buyback amount will be permanently burned once a month.

Personalized Rewards

MilkyWayEx To fulfill all the users’ needs, provides additional optimized strategies. By building multiple strategies for four different assets (ADA, ETH, BNB, DOT, XVS,…), users can have a more diverse investment portfolio with various assets.

Transaction Tax

MilkyWayEx Each MILKY token transaction will be taxed with 8% divided into rewards (4%), marketing & project development (2%), and buybacks into the liquidity pool (2%). The rewards tax will enable every investor who holds at least 1,000,000 $MILKY tokens to get rewarded with the newest promising token projects for the BSC blockchain.

MilkyWayEx A selection of a custom token and a rewards ratio of BNB to rewards token is seamless configurable. With the marketing and development tax, will be able to grow rapidly into a well-known and popular crypto project. To stabilize the MILKY token price a fully automated buyback mechanism will be employed.