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What Is Kyuubi ($KYUB)? Complete Guide Review About Kyuubi.

What Is Kyuubi ($KYUB)?

A Global Revolution Has Formed, Now Making Noise. This is derived from ancient Eastern Asian mythology, and symbolizes attributes of agility, adaptability, and the ability to grow wise. Kyuubi will explore the blockchain, and call many chains home. With presence across various communities, this is engineered to be the largest cross-chain community-driven utility meme token. The idea was born from a collaboration between Genyen trading group and a network of close-knit, experienced friends operating in ETH and Binance. After many years in the space, each member of the team individually began longing for a team that could solve the lack of inspired meme tokens. The mission could devise a solution that would allow operation that functions with maximum transparency & security, but also adaptability & sustainability.

Kyuubi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKyuubi
Short Name$KYUB
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Kyuubi Team

What Is A DeFi Crypto Wallet?

A DeFi Wallet, like MetaMask, is a browser extension or app designed to make accessing Ethereum’s Dapp ecosystem easier. Kyuubi also serves as a wallet for holding ERC-20 tokens allowing users to access services built on the network via the wallet. Installing MetaMask will allow you to transact widely across the crypto economy. The VIIIDA Gold project is about tokenizing the asset Gold in which there is transparency as to the property rights and redemption of the Gold, its delivery and redemption being scheduled for a future date as specified herein. The Token is linked to a real asset, represented digitally, proving that the holder is the owner of the Token. It is not a guarantee, but rather an actual ownership.

Am I Actually Safe?

Kyuubi contract is currently being audited by Certik and our team is KYC’d. This paired with our multi-signature gnosis wallet, acts to keep the project largely invulnerable. The team will NEVER DM OR EMAIL you! Malicious actors will sometimes try to take advantage of your family by spreading fake contracts, emailing phishing links, and tricking you for your seed phrase. Each miner card has its specialization and they use it to work and earn TMiner. You only need to place them in the right expedition, and miners will start working automatically. Pay attention to the requirements in each expedition. The higher the expedition level, the more TMINER you can earn. There’s no limit on the amount of miners.

Mission Statement

Kyuubi at heart, is a community-driven utility token with intentions to explore Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Metaverse. This document is a living document. It will be updated regularly. Any information listed here may change and values may be updated, but overall the main structure will remain the same and any major changes will be announced. Gold Rush is for players who want to play to earn and are interested in winning Real Gold as an asset. The player will have the access to the game with the handy man card. The miner has to be upgraded with the T-Miner Token. T-Miner is the reward Token within the game environment and also the in-game currency.

Why is USDR Better Money?

While fiat currencies and fiat-pegged stablecoins backed by fiat provide a stable unit of account and an effective medium of exchange, they are a poor store of value. The United States Dollar, the reserve currency of the world, has decreased in value sixfold over the last 50 years. This has resulted in a huge loss of purchasing power. On the other hand, real estate has proven itself as a stable and appreciating store of value. During the same 50-year period, the average sales price of a house in the United States grew from $27,000 in Q1 1970 to $383,000 in Q1 2020.

Kyuubi goal with USDR is to create a better version of money, satisfying all three conditions of an ideal currency. USDR will live within a growing cryptoeconomy where it will serve as an immediate medium of exchange. As a USD-pegged stable coin, USDR is a stable unit of account. Yet, unlike US dollars or 1:1 backed stablecoins, USDR will be a true store of value, using real estate to overcollateralize the currency and distributing yield to holders as a means to counteract debasement of the currency it’s pegged to.

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