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What Is Gold Rush Community (GRUSH)? Complete Guide Review About Gold Rush Community.

What Is Gold Rush Community (GRUSH)?

This document is a living document. It will be updated regularly. Any information listed here may change and values may be updated, but overall the main structure will remain the same and any major changes will be announced. Gold Rush Community is for players who want to play to earn and are interested in winning Real Gold as an asset. The player will have the access to the game with the handy man card. The miner has to be upgraded with the T-Miner Token. T-Miner is the reward Token within the game environment and also the in-game currency. Each Miner is a NFT that increases ownership as well as marketability.

To purchase the Miner, you must pay with the GRUSH cryptocurrency available for sale on the Pancake Swap Exchange. You can access the game for free. The Rewards are free of charge and are not securities or similar to it. They do not generate income of any nature, having value only in the internal Gold Rush environment or on a secondary market where Gold Rush Community has no responsibility or power to control it, therefore the responsibility is solely and exclusively of the token holders. NFT Cards are not securities and do not generate income of any nature.

Gold Rush Community Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGold Rush Community
Short NameGRUSH
Circulating Supply750.00 GRUSH
Total Supply600,000
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Gold Rush Community Team


To improve your miner card in the game, you must upgrade it. That is possible by paying T-Miner. There are 5 levels of improvement handy man, basic diver, advanced diver, miner machine operator and geologist.

  • The handy man is the miner to start the game and is responsible for the groundwork
  • The basic diver is the second level of miners, and he will explore the mines under water in the shallow parts of the river
  • The advanced diver is the third level of miners, and he will explore the mines under water in the deepest parts of the river
  • The machine operator will be responsible for mining with the digging machines and dredgers
  • The geologist will explore mines based on their knowledge of the soil, being endowed with greater efficiency in exploration.

Daily Mining

Each miner card has its specialization and they use it to work and earn TMiner. You only need to place them in the right expedition, and miners will start working automatically. Pay attention to the requirements in each expedition. The higher the expedition level, the more TMINER you can earn. There’s no limit on the amount of miners. There is a time in the day where Gold and other treasures are free to be discovered. Gold Rush Community Each day you can use all your Miner Cards to win rewards in T-Miner, AuV ( real Gold ) and Cards ( NFT ). For each Miner Card you will have a chance to win.


T-Miner is the circulating token of Gold Rush Community, where actions like leveling up the character and repairing items will be paid in T-Miner. You can earn T-Miner from Daily Mining and RUSH HOUR, as well as trading it on PancakeSwap.


The VIIIDA Gold project is about tokenizing the asset Gold in which there is transparency as to the property rights and redemption of the Gold, its delivery and redemption being scheduled for a future date as specified herein. The Token is linked to a real asset, represented digitally, proving that the holder is the owner of the Token. It is not a guarantee, but rather an actual ownership.

The main characteristics of the VIIIDA Gold Token are:

  • It generates ownership and redemption rights over an asset, the Gold
  • The transfer of the Token results in the transfer of ownership and redemption rights for the Gold
  • The Gold backing the Tokens is linked to the mines and deposits listed in this document


Gold Rush Community Roadmap
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