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kuncihost Web Hosting Review: Start now and grow your business, register the domain you want.

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About kuncihost

This agreement is made between kuncihost and you (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”). Where the customer agrees before using this service, and is enforced on the date on which the service/service/product is purchased/renewed by the prospective customer and or customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Date”). This agreement is made in such a way for the mutual interest, as well as the flexibility and security of customers in using the services at KeyHost. The customer is fully responsible for the WHOIS information (contact person and address) provided by the customer himself.

Customers are prohibited from abusing the “Owner / Registrant Contact”, “Administrative Contact” and “Billing Contact”, for example using the name and address of another person without the permission of the party concerned. kuncihost reserves the right to delay, cancel, or terminate services if it is later discovered that the identity data provided is inaccurate and/or incorrect and/or false data. For the sake of smooth administration process and data accuracy, Customers are expected to send a scan of their identity card to email or via ticket.

Some Quick Facts kuncihost Web Hosting

kuncihostBasic Details
Hosting Namekuncihost
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+62-857-8157-8988
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


kuncihost Price

Basic Terms Of Service

Use of the service to violate copyright or trademark is PROHIBITED. Including but not limited to reproduction of music, books, photography, or other copyrighted works without permission. The sale of content is trademark infringement, will result in termination of service and account deletion. Material found infringing copyright will be removed. Accounts indicated for repeated infringement in copyright cases will be suspended and/or removed from your hosting. If a third party suspects that a copyright or trademark infringement has occurred, please write an email addressed to abuse[at] with proof of the trademark owned.


Sending spam emails (e-mails offering goods or services, promotions, affiliates, MLM or all types of activities that interfere with third parties so that it burdens server access) that are not requested or desired by other parties either through the kuncihost server or outside servers. Also including websites that are considered to invite SPAM are also not allowed to be hosted on In order to prevent sending SPAM emails, Kuncihost limits the sending of emails from the server to a maximum of 100 emails/hour for one hosting account.

If the customer does SPAM, the customer’s account will be immediately blocked without prior notification and the customer must make a written agreement on stamp duty accompanied by a photocopy of the customer’s ID card and sent via post to the keyhost office address that the customer will not repeat the SPAM act & is willing to take action in accordance with applicable law applies in Indonesia. If your warning is not responded to within 2 days, your customer account will be closed and they will delete it. If the abuse due to spam/phishing affects the entire keyhost server, they will demand a compensation fine of $500 for each case.

Backup Data

Account usernames and passwords are the full responsibility of the customer, information leaks and all forms of consequences are not the responsibility of kuncihost. LockHost is not responsible for any damage to Customer Content, customer Web sites or other damages or malfunctions or service interruptions caused by failure of Customer Content or any aspect of Customer Web sites. LockHost cannot guarantee that the content of the Web site will not be deleted or corrupted, or that a back-up of the Web site will always be available.

Users should always copy all content from the Web site to the local computer. Backups will not be provided for accounts that have been suspended or terminated for any reason unless agreed in writing by kuncihost will help the process of migrating data from other providers for free, if the old hosting uses a panel other than cpanel, the file size that can help move is only file size below 1 GB.

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