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Targethost Web Hosting Review: TargetHost website hosting the right choice.

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About Targethost

Targethost have a responsibility to protect each customer and provide them with the best possible service. The lease of space for the CONTRACTED PARTY’s internet pages, regarding stability and availability, is guaranteed to the fullest, remembering that destabilizations and unavailability resulting from facts external to the CONTRACTED PARTY’s will may happen. If this occurs, the CONTRACTOR undertakes to take all necessary measures to make the system available again as soon as possible.

The plans signed by the CONTRACTING PARTY can be exchanged after the end of the contracted period, at the time of renewal. In order to make the change, the CONTRACTOR must confirm the payment in the amount of the new plan, thus having his new plan configured. The CONTRACTING PARTY may withdraw from a plan signed with the CONTRACTOR within a period of seven days from its signature, pursuant to Art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code. Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Targethost network, adopting with all users all the necessary measures to avoid damage to its operation.

Some Quick Facts Targethost Web Hosting

TargethostBasic Details
Hosting NameTargethost
Email SupportN/A
Call Support16.714.931/0001-91
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Targethost Price

Operating Applications

Intellectual work, technical support, development or installation of html pages or cgi scripts, perl, php, javascript, mysql, postgresql, mssql, asp, java, python or other development languages ​​in internet, or operating applications like front page, dreamweaver, flash or others. Technical support is limited to leasing space for web pages. Requests for custom changes to the available e-commerce software, server settings, control panel or other programs made available in your packages will be met at the CONTRACTOR’s sole discretion.

Inform the Targethost three days in advance about the interruptions necessary for technical adjustments or maintenance that require more than 6 (six) hours of duration and that may cause damage to the operation of the hosted website, except in cases of urgency, understood as such as those that jeopardize the regular functioning of your network.

Monetary Correction

After 30 (thirty) days of delay in payment, the CONTRACTOR will remove all data, files or other information that is stored in the Targethost account and in the CONTRACTING PARTY’s additional accounts. For the reactivation of the service, the CONTRACTING PARTY must sign a new plan, paying a new setup fee. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right not to accept new accounts from debtor customers or return from customers excluded due to default or may condition the return to the payment of previous debts in arrears before proceeding to the appreciation of the new request.

If the collection needs to be made out of court, in addition to the monetary correction and interest that must be added to the amounts due, starting from the date of debit, the percentage of 10% (ten percent) will apply. If the collection needs to be made in court, the percentage of 20% (twenty percent) will apply, in addition to court costs and other expenses arising from the process.

Legal Status

Make available or store any copyrighted, intellectual property or copyrighted materials, including MP3, MPEG, ROM or ROM emulators, videos, anime, distribution or disclosure of passwords to access third-party programs, defamation of people or businesses, allegations considered dangerous or obscene, protected by state secrecy or other legal status. Transmit, store or disseminate any material related to hacking/cracking or adult material related to pornography and sex-related advertising, including links to other sites with such content. The CONTRACTOR will be the sole arbiter in the assessment of what constitutes a violation of this measure.

Customer’s invoice

The lease of space for the CONTRACTED PARTY’s websites may be canceled in writing, through the customer’s control panel, at any time, without penalty, provided that the existing invoices are duly paid. Targethost cancellation request must be made at least 15 (fifteen) days prior to the expiration of the account, under penalty of a fine of 50% (fifty percent) of the monthly fee.

The CONTRACTED PARTY reserves the right to change the amounts of its accounts by notifying the CONTRACTING PARTY 15 (fifteen) days in advance of the closing of the customer’s invoice, as well as contracting additional accounts only to the subscriber who is up to date with the payments related to the contracted accounts.

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