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Domenai Web Hosting Review: Register your .lt or .eu domain for €6.99 for the first year.

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About Domenai

6000+ companies trusted with the most important business tools – websites and e-mail. postal work. Domenai servers enable websites to achieve a Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score of 100. email mail is available everywhere, on the phone, in the browser, on the computer. You can order domains or other services in a few minutes. You will be able to manage and access all ordered services and payment documents in the customer self-service 24/7. They stopped many emails. email spam, attacks on customer websites. Together with the server administrators, this made sure that all services were running smoothly 24/7. They received 24 support requests and resolved them within 5 minutes on average.

Join the 6,000+ companies that have trusted us with the most important business tools, websites and e-mails. postal work. An e-store or a representative website, one or many mailboxes – they will take care of the smooth and secure operation of these tools. They are a team of web solutions experts with 18+ years of experience. And of course, like all the leaders in these services, they also use fast, duplicated SSD drives, Dell servers, a TIER 3 data center, a modern cooling and backup power system. They monitor your servers from 3 different geographical locations and have a professional 24/7 server admin team to ensure smooth server operation.

Some Quick Facts Domenai Web Hosting

DomenaiBasic Details
Hosting NameDomenai
Price€3.99 per year
Call Support+370 5 204 87 77
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Domenai Price

Certificate security

Each plan comes with a free Let’s encrypt SSL certificate. The uniqueness of these certificates is that they are provided free of charge for a period of 59 days, after which the certificate is automatically renewed if the domain is active. Certificate security level – domain verification. The main goal of this publisher is to make the SSL certificate a mandatory part of the website in order to ensure safer internet browsing. An SSL certificate encrypts the data sent between your website visitors and the server, thus data entry and browsing on your website becomes safer and more reliable. Your website becomes accessible not through “http” but through the secure “https” protocol. The official source of information confirming this information is the Google Webmasters Central blog.

Domenai certificate increases trust, and if you collect customer emails on your website. e-mail, order data, you make e-payments – an SSL certificate is simply necessary in order to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you use an SSL certificate, browsers show this to your website visitors, for example, the Chrome browser adds a green color to your website address and shows a “lock” as a guarantee of security. Look at your website address in the browser, you will see what it looks like. Google will rank your website higher! As early as 2014.08, Google officially announced that websites that use SSL certificates will be ranked higher than those that do not.

Additional Service Rates

Domenai will copy your website data every night to a separate data storage and store it there for 7 days. If necessary, they will restore the backups once a month for free, additional times are charged according to the additional service rates. Although they keep a copy of your website, they recommend that you also store copies of important data on your computer. These plans are subject to inode (file) capping. How many files and directories you can host on your server depends on this parameter. If you exceed the inode limit, you will receive an email. A letter with detailed information about the exceedance, and you can decide whether to remove unnecessary files or increase the inode limit.

Online Reputation

A email you can create mailboxes easily, with just a few clicks of the mouse, and you can check them on a computer, phone, through a web browser or using a mail program (Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). In order for your sent letters to reach the addressee and the server not to be blacklisted, there are restrictions on the amount of sent letters. This is a common practice to protect your online reputation and is used by all service providers including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

It is important to know that these services are not intended for mass mailing. Domenai limit the sending of letters to the account to 300 letters per day, the amount of incoming letters is not limited. In practice, this restriction can only be achieved by sending newsletters or using the website for malicious purposes. If you want to send more letters, contact indicating how many letters you want to send per day, they will provide you with a personal offer.

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