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What Is Joinblocks? (BLOCKS) Complete Guide Review About Joinblocks.

What Is Joinblocks?

Joinblocks Coin provides a Metaverse-as-a-Service platform for NFT communities. BLOCKS is about self-expression in communities and discovering your identity in the metaverse. It has the charm and coziness of Animal Crossing, the atmosphere of fun and exploration found within Lego Worlds, and is powered by the robust rules of Web3.

Unlock original worlds and explore unlimited possibilities that all start in the friendly neighborhood atmosphere of a vibrant and welcoming community.

Fringe Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJoinblocks Coin
Short NameBLOCKS
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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How does land work in BLOCKS?

Unlike other Metaverse platforms, in BLOCKS each NFT community receives their own environment that they define and control. Each environment comes with it’s own tailor-made rules, design, elements, and naming conventions. Whether it’s Meebville, Nouns Town, The Swamp, Tarf’s World, or Nexus, every community can brand their space specifically for their collection.

Each Joinblocks environment is comprised of hubs and land parcels. Hubs are common areas that group 16 land parcels together, creating a plaza style area with doors that link to user’s individual spaces (i.e., parcels).


Expand community reach and long term engagement with more ways to: Check in with current community members. Connect with and explore new communities. Share new integrations.


Communities can expand their environments by releasing additional hubs and parcels to their users. The Joinblocks Coin pace and distribution of these land parcels is governed by the community. Each environment comes with its own smart contract address, supporting parcel owner voting through the use of community governance tools such as Snapshot, DAOstack and others.

The community can decide how big or small to make their own “Pocketverse”. They can keep it small and exclusive, or build out a larger “one parcel per hodler” environment. It depends on what your !vibe is!


The BLOCKS environment supports various avatars from different NFT collections, such as Meebits, Nouns, and CRT-S, the own mascot. Don’t let CRT-S’ smiling screen face fool you… you can display your favorite PFP on the face screen enabling you to personalize an avatar in Joinblocks even if you don’t have one of the supported NFT avatars.

To customize your avatar, all you need to do is connect your MetaMask wallet, and you’ll be shown your avatar options on your main dashboard. What’s more, you don’t need to own a NFT to use a custom avatar.


Create Joinblocks Coin dynamic value and utility to NFT collections by: Developing unique settings. Expand storytelling and narratives. Showcasing and extending functionality and assets with wearables and avatars.


Cross chain interoperability allows: Dimensions of immersion, interaction, and engagement. Support for multi-platform NFTs to interact within a Block. Initial structure for crypto currencies Ethereum and Matic/Polygon with Solana, Avalanche, and more integrations to come.


Advance environments and spaces interaction by: Reinforcing multiple formats and allowing Joinblocks fans to bring other story pieces into the content partner’s universe. Broader ecosystem integrations such as Sandbox and Decentraland. Providing an entryway to the Metaverse.

Earning Tokens

The $BLOCKS token powers the BLOCKS community. It provides a gamified rewards mechanism, exclusive NFT access, and network opportunities. The token can’t be purchased on the platform — it can only be earned by actively participating on the platform. We call this Community Mining.

40% of the $Joinblocks Coin total supply is reserved for active community members across the BLOCKS ecosystem, who will receive tokens through weekly distribution according to their recent activities and accomplishments.

Token Overview

The goal is to empower NFT communities by giving the BLOCKS DAO ownership and governance of the BLOCKS ecosystem. The DAO will initially be run by the Genesis Council, which consists of founding team members and a diverse set of early investors. Ultimately, it will transition to a decentralized governance model run by the NFT community.