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About Arcade game. It is a stand-alone game that used to play with coins in the arcade, and now devices have evolved into essential forms such as claw machine and VR/AR games. Video & PC games. The core of the game is to improve the quality of the game itself, such as better graphics and sound, by enabling games in the arcade to be played on video games or PCs and making profits by selling rom packs or CDs. Flat-rate online games. Ultima, Lineage, etc. are ways to provide game services online and enjoy games at a fixed price every month. Since then, transactions have occurred on game items and have evolved to focus on social immersion by providing parties and guild contents that users can gather and enjoy Partially Paid Online Games. Gameplay provided online is basically free, but it is a form of game design that allows users to sell various items that can be used in the game for a fee and purchase them to have an advantage over those who do not. It is called Free2Play or Freemium, and it was initially sold mainly for items that did not affect amiability, such as decorating rather than ability, but now it has evolved into the Pay2Win model, a model that increases ability and makes it easier to gain an edge over others. These games introduce ‘probability-type items’ to maximize profits by allowing top-class items to be selected with low probability. In particular, the higher the utility of game items, the more active the transactions between users tend to become. (ITEM) Basic Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Short Name (ITEM)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Meet The Team (ITEM) Coin Guide &  Detailed Review

Token Overview

ITEM (ITEMVERSE Platform Token)

purposeFor direct investment in GameFi, purchase and trade of NFT items
chainBinance Smart Chain (BSC)
in-game useUsed to purchase, trade, evolve, synthesize NFT items, etc.
GovernanceDAO proposes and votes on platform development and direction, and game direction

GameFi Revenue Factors

1. Staking users deposit tokens, earn interest, and provide pools for various periods

2. Provide collateral to Yield Farming LP token pool and NFT pool and earn interest

The Background of ItemVerse Solving the Problems of the Current Digital Content Market

The problems facing the digital content industry are as follows.
High Platform Fee
Users’ struggle for sovereignty over digital assets
Huge publicity and marketing costs
Difficulty in recruiting users and raising funds due to intensifying competition in the digital content market The
above issues are not recently highlighted. These are problems that have been accumulated since the formation of the digital content market, but a proper solution has not yet been found.
item Verse is a project started to solve these problems.

Attempts to Solve Past problems Grafting new Technologies using Blockchain In the game field, game developers have made new attempts to introduce Blockchain to solve the problems of the game market, but have not achieved any breakthrough results. At one time, precedents such as ‘Crypto Kitties’ and ‘MyCryptoHeroes’, which accounted for more than 15% of the global Ethereum transaction rate, are recorded as relatively successful cases. However, the technology with high entry barriers is evaluated as a technology that game developers are not willing to introduce due to the high initial introduction cost.

Add future Games Through DAO proposals and Votes SDK Provided Provides SDK that can use ITEM (ITEMVERSE Platform Token) and / KARMA (Three Kingdoms Karma Reverse In-game Token) / CHALK (Billiard God Reverse In-game Token) to allow interlocking with external games through DAOTwo-track token economy

ITEM: Main token for GameFi direct investment and NFT purchase/trade, up to 5 billion to be issued
KARMA/CHALK: In-game token, P2E exclusive token with unlimited issuance that can be acquired and used in-game, directly, produced, or synthesized It is converted to NFT and exchanged for ITEMNFT

Realization of items such as characters, pets (warhorses), equipment (weapon, armor, billiard cue), and replays of major scenes in the game with NFT NFT can be purchased and traded with ITEM. Newly created by synthesis, strengthened using KARMA/CHALK, and leveled upProvides own trading platform and wallet for easy use Provides own platform for NFT transactions Provides individual wallets that can be easily managed by integrating ITEM, KARMA/CHALK, NFT, and game accounts

NFT Market Creating and Managing NFTs, Authorizing ▪ Pre-sales banner management ▪ Market transaction item management ▪ Block data and transaction data management and inquiry | ItemVerse NFT Market | The ItemVerse NFT Market serves as a system for ItemVerse’s NFT asset trading and has the following functions. Block data and transaction data are used as information for statistics. Due to the transparent nature of Blockchain, it is possible to know which game transactions are active and who has which NFT items. Based on this, ItemVerse can deliver meaningful information to game developers or operators.

DAO Throughout these five phases, the game’s worldview, system planning, the style and production of game art, and the direction of actual game updates were all decided through internal discussions by game developers, which sometimes moved in ways that consumers couldn’t understand, creating an extreme standoff. The key to this confrontation can be attributed to a decision-making system in which game operators decide everything

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Where I Can Find Itemverse Coin Whitepaper ?

You Can Find Itemverse Whitpaper By Clicking Here

Where I Can Buy/Sell

You Can Buy Or Sell On Some Popular Exchange For Example – Binance , Coinbase , Huobi Etc .

What Is Circulating Supply Of

Circulating Supply Of Is 270,001,839 SOL


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About Arcade game. It is a stand-alone game that used to play with coins in the arcade, and now devices have evolved into essential forms such as claw machine and VR/AR games. Video & PC games. The core of the game is (ITEM) Coin Guide & Detailed Review