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Hyperhosting Web Hosting Review: Transfer your hosting and earn.

About Hyperhosting

Hyperhosting family and enjoy nothing less than the best in hosting services TODAY, as if you already have a subscription to another hosting company, they’ll give you up to 6 months of extra hosting as a gift! There is now no reason to wait for your subscription to expire, as you transfer your site at no cost for the months lost! When placing your order, select the option that you already have hosting with another company and your order will be extended for as long as you had until it expires (up to 6 months).

The Colocation service concerns companies that wish to have their server permanently connected to a backbone with a guaranteed line. The state-of-the-art data center of the Athens Stock Exchange in which the Colocation service is provided has been built taking into account the strictest international standards and implementation standards and is compatible with the basic design principles of the Tier-4 standard against the UpTime Institute.

Some Quick Facts Hyperhosting Web Hosting

HyperhostingBasic Details
Hosting NameHyperhosting
Price€130.00 month
Email SupportN/A
Call Support302104631800
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hyperhosting Price

High Availability

Among its key features are the particularly high and strict levels of physical security (independent access zones, multiple checkpoints and personnel authentication, 24×7 security staff) and very high availability and redundancy rates (symmetrical construction of two (2) fully independent/ interconnected datacenters in the same building).

Hyperhosting the possibility of 24-hour control of the smooth operation of the machine, immediate reboot and a wide range of value-added services, you can create the package that suits the needs of your business. The SpamExperts service is provided for FREE in all your shared hosting packages, as part of providing quality services! While elsewhere you will find the service costs extra, with you can enjoy a clean mailbox at no extra cost.


Start your own web radio or broadcast your radio station’s signal. With the streaming packages we provide, you can start your web radio in a very short time. One of the biggest annoyances in the internet world today is unsolicited e-mail, otherwise known as spam. Millions of spam e-mails are sent every day, which lowers productivity and wastes a lot of your useful time. It must not be a coincidence that suddenly everyone wants you to help them get millions of dollars out of their country, send them iron stoves to Russia, help you with your sex life, or offer you a job as a “district manager” or ” regional administrator”.


Hyperhosting can get cPanel or cPanel VPS license from HyperHosting at competitive prices. cPanel is the most widely used web hosting control panel in the world, which gives you the ability to manage your server and your web hosting clients through an easy-to-use environment. Every e-mail that is received is checked on the spot for viruses, URLs that are dangerous as well as for any algorithms that largely succeed in blocking messages.

Spam e-mails do not reach your mailbox, leaving it free for only clean e-mails. The efficiency of the service will amaze you! In a short time you will be able to see what it means not to waste time cleaning spam e-mails and what it means to be able to focus on your work without distractions

Deal with new spam and malware attacks immediately

It is a common phenomenon that a new virus circulates on the internet and arrives in your mailbox, without even being detected by your antivirus. Special control algorithms allow automatic detection of such incidents immediately, so that you have no risk of infection by new viruses. Now e-mails related to your account are delivered to your Cloud infrastructure. If for any reason your server is unavailable, e-mails are queued on your servers and delivered to you as soon as your mailserver comes back up. Now e-mails are not returned to the sender as undeliverable, instead they come to your mailbox.

Control and management of messages

The management system is easy to use and is also available in the Greek language. Hyperhosting can easily see a report on the movement of e-mails, see a history of the messages that were cut or received, do any fine tuning of the service (whitelist, blacklist) and also see any messages that were marked as spam when they were not AND GET THEM!

E-mails are not deleted from our servers for several days, so you may receive an e-mail that was mistakenly marked as spam. Activating the service is easy. Through cPanel you can add your domain and automatically the necessary changes are made to the DNS zone of your domain. Within a few hours you will start to have a clean mailbox.

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