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Radore Web Hosting Review: More dedicated servers now on

About Radore

Adopting the principle of reliable and uninterrupted service with the slogan of “Uptime Experts”, Radore Data Center is located in MetroCity AVM, with a new generation data center of 3.020 m² in total, of which 960 m² is white space, with a capacity of 10,000 servers, in TIER3 standards, with more than 3,000 people and serves the institution.

Radore Data Center makes a difference with its 100 percent physical security, uninterrupted internet access, technical infrastructure, the most advanced technology in energy and air conditioning, and its experienced technical team. With over 18 years of experience and fully redundant infrastructure, Radore Data Center offers its customers a 99.99% “uptime” guarantee within the terms of SLA.

Some Quick Facts Radore Web Hosting

RadoreBasic Details
Hosting NameRadore
Price179 TL /Year
Call Support0 (212) 344 04 94
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Radore Price

Radore Data Center

It ensures business continuity and accessibility of processed and stored data. Businesses host their IT systems in data centers to minimize critical data processing infrastructure risks. For businesses that want to host their IT systems in the data center, Radore Data Center halls provide a professional environment where physical conditions, energy, air conditioning, network infrastructure and physical security criteria are constantly controlled. Alternatively, if you want to start fresh with a new project, use a Quickstart template from below.

Quality and Information Security

Radore is a rapidly developing, leading technology company that aims to be among the leading data center companies, giving priority to customer satisfaction under all circumstances. Data Center Services Inc. You can review the policies they implement to manage any risk to your quality, business continuity and information assets. Additionally, you can use this method to start a new Git repository on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.

Human Factor

Even if Radore try and create universal equations which will be as reasonable as the human mind goes, they can’t objectively rate each asset because they have their own value that is created in the community by developers, artists and all the people who dedicated their work time for it. Due to the complexity of this human factor, they will try as much as possible to stay with math, numbers, and traits.

Stay safe and tuned for your announcements on the Discord channel. As you can see, the rewards are somewhat reasonable in terms of the rarity of the staked assets. But again, this is not objective truth, what they did here is just try to normalize everything into the same scale which can be misleading, and sometimes very inaccurate.

Blockchain Technology

Radore will integrate to enable anyone to play or develop Play-To-Earn games on top of it. The flagship launch of Lilith Swap is Crypto Demonz; a 2D pixel arcade series including a single-player Sidescroller with NFT leader board, multiplayer Battle Royale with skill-based ETH gaming rewards, and a classic Fighter with NFT in-game functionality.

This is based on Play-to-Earn gaming as opposed to traditional pay-to-play. Pay-to-earn is only made possible through the power of decentralized blockchain technology. In play-to-earn, players receive ingame rewards with utility and objective value within the ecosystem for specific interactions, making it more attractive to many compared to traditional centralized gaming culture and e-sports.


Radore is a platform for front end frameworks and static sites, built to integrate with your headless content, commerce, or database. They provide a friction less developer experience to take care of the hard things deploying instantly, scaling automatically, and serving personalized content around the globe. This make it easy for frontend teams to develop, preview, and ship delightful user experiences, where performance is the default. Once you have signed up to Vercel, you can use GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket to deploy an existing project by selecting a repository from your Git account.

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