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vargonen Web Hosting Review: The web hosting performance you need.

About vargonen

Continuing its 22 years of experience in domain name (domain), web hosting, rental server and network services, from its offices in Turkey and the Netherlands to 8 different data centers in 7 different countries, vargonen continues to offer its high-performance and redundant server infrastructure by combining it with unmatched customer service. They entered the hosting industry in Turkey in 2000, and as of 2010, Amsterdam-based B.V. By commissioning its operation, it provides fast and uninterrupted service to thousands of users in Turkey, Europe, America and the Far East.

To get the final rarity score, plug every trait into this formula that will produce the array of numbers and simply the sum of this array will be the rarity score of the given NFT. vargonen plug demonzv1 rarity in this equation and what get is, the most casual demonz has a rarity score of 24 while the rarest one produces 342. But this is the case of demonzv1 with its trait count, what about other collections with a casual rarity score of 15000 which is very possible. But first, they explore the traits normalization formula.

Some Quick Facts vargonen Web Hosting

vargonenBasic Details
Hosting Namevargonen
Call Support0 850 660 00 99
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


vargonen Price

Strong Network Infrastructure

vargonen web hosting and server services are provided through data centers in Tier III and Tier IV standards located in 7 countries and 8 different locations. With the server and network infrastructure positioned according to the product type, it gains flexibility according to the requirements of the web projects it serves. Let’s plug some scores into this equation to make some approximate predictions: (they assume that this imaginary pool has a 4x booster and they have 200 people staking).

Dedicated server solutions

If you need a special server solution for your company, project or e-commerce site, you are in the right place. Leave your contact information and they will produce the most suitable server solutions for you. They will be a great opportunity for other projects to give their holders daily rewards. staking, the project should comply with your criteria, such as it should have a 10K (With exceptions) supply, it should provide liquidity tokens on Uniswap, They should pay for service fees etc. This will be announced as they open your pools publicly. For many years, NFT staking was a blurred subject, because compared to typical fungible tokens, they don’t have objective value.

Undecided when choosing a server?

If you can’t decide which product you need, vargonen are here for you. Let’s decide together the most suitable solution for you in line with your needs and the analysis of your experts. While most of the development of DApps and Decentralized Finance is in the Ethereum ecosystem, the simple fact is that Bitcoin dominates the majority of the cryptocurrency market capitalization. This sector is burgeoning with innovation with the likes of Decentralized Exchanges, digital swaps, derivatives, and micro banking applications, all using smart contracts. BTC Proxy brings BTC liquidity onto the Ethereum ecosystem and #DeFi applications.


Rarity tools and such services are popular ways to determine the value of NFT as much objectively as possible, but even in this case, comparison of different NFT’s from different collections is not possible. But that’s not your main objective here. They just need the most optimal way to determine how rare is it, and how much LLTH should vargonen mint in exchange. What they do here is very simple, first, this take the number of other items with given traits and divide it by a number of all items, basically a total supply of project and then divide it on 1 so they can have a better representation of numbers, instead of 0.00x floats.

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