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What Is Football Battle(FBL) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Football Battle

What Is Football Battle(FBL)

Football Battle (US: soccer) is a play-to-earn game with innovative Gameplay combining both Strategy and Action gameplay. The Game Developer is inspired from Axie Infinity’s winning play-to-earn strategy and focuses on making better, more fun battle gameplay with similar play-to-earn economics.

The game will be launched on BNB Chain and then Solana as soon as they are ready to create a multi-chain gaming environment. With Football Battle, you can collect players, build your own team, compete in Saga mode and also online mode (Friendly Game, Heads up Match to win Tokens and also Tournament).

Each player will be your own NFT asset that you can grow its stat via practice. You can also breed new players as Youth Players and add them to your own team. With FBL Marketplace, you can trade your players with other users easily.

The team behind Football Battle consists of professionals with experiences in both blockchain and gaming world. Football Battle is co-developed between Crowdhero and EZGames. Crowdhero is a NFT Incubator based in Vietnam led by Mike Tran – CEO – an experienced entrepreneur with previous capital raising and exit experience.

EZGames is an Indie game developer in Vietnam with a few millions downloads from the Appstore. EZGames management is from Amanotes – one of the well-known Game publishing companies in South East Asia with a few billion downloads from the Appstore.

Football Battle Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFootball Battle
Short NameFBL
Circulating Supply1,200,000.00 FBL
Total Supply6,241,667
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Football Battle is a joined project between Crowdhero & EZGames

Two teams that share the same vision on making a great football theme Play-to-earn game.

They are passionate about creating great experiences and games for our users, and most importantly: games about what we are passionate about – Football (US: Soccer).

They envision Play-to-Earn Game must be much more engaging and should involve more skills and strategies from users rather than just Turn base or Simulation.

What we aim to do

They are going to build out a Desktop & Mobile Gaming X Crypto space to its fullest effect. They will introduce the first title Football Battle and many more in the near future and launch the $FBL utility token and $FBT as in-game currency to work across all the games that they will develop and launch.

Crowdhero is an NFT Incubator with an experienced, well-connected team of management and a strong engineering team.

EZGames is an independent game developer in Vietnam. EZ “dream team” is one in which all members are excellent at what they do, are great collaborators, and are committed to a shared ambitious goal. The value and satisfaction of being in such a team is tremendous: you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.

What to expect

Football Battle is a great place to start if you want to test out a new gaming genre. The characters and environment are depicted in pixel-art style and simplistic yet retro and nostalgic, which will enhance players’ vision and space for action. To complete and bet a round and earn the best rewards possible, the main mechanics concentrate on both the player’s personal analytical talents and collaboration.

The main elements of gameplay we will incorporate are:



In March 2022, Football Battle will debut on BNB Chain, followed by Solana after its smart contract capability has shown to be mature enough for gaming. The core team had intended to launch on Ethereum, and BNB Chain and Solana were chosen for their speed, low costs, and vast user base because of difficulties with gas fees and gaming scalability. BNB Chain will be the first platform to implement our core smart contracts, followed by Solana once it is fully functional. The Football Battle game server will act as a link between users on both chains, allowing them to freely compete in the game environment, even if they are on different chains.

They recognize that BNB Chain, Solana, and Ethereum each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we’ve been looking into additional options in case a partial or full migration is required in the future to maintain Football Battle’s long-term viability.

While blockchain technology has brought a number of advantages to gaming, we believe it is still in its early stages in terms of broad acceptance, particularly for fully decentralized game features. As a result, they believe a middle ground may be found between decentralization and centralization, where tamper-proof ownership is always made public and visible, while gameplay mechanics can be operated off-chain on centralized servers.


Mike Tran // Co-Founder & CEO

Hy Ngo // Co-Founder & CTO

Hoa Nguyen // Head of Engineering

Yazan Safi// Marketing

Ken Lee // Designer

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