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What Is WOLF PUPS (OLD) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About WOLF PUPS

What Is WOLF PUPS (OLD) Coin Review ?

WOLF PUPS The Wolf Den is a one of a kind cryptocurrency project for purpose-driven individuals, organizations and companies looking to use decentralized finance and blockchain technology to fund their goals, remove suffering, and do good in the real world. First is the investor community/membership, which has various tiers of access and is entirely optional to join. The second is the “venture” arm, which helps incubate, launch and consult other DeFi projects and help traditional businesses and organizations integrate blockchain into their existing organizations. Third are the Wolf Den assets (or currencies) which are decentralized and can be traded by anyone, anywhere, 24/7.

WOLF PUPS (OLD) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short Name (OLD)
Circulating Supply359.23B WOLFIES
Max Supply900,000,000,000,000
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WOLF PUPS GUARD was launched in July of 2021 as the “base case” base asset or a store of value within the Wolf Den ecosystem. It has a maximum supply of only 50 million tokens, making it more scarce than most other tokens across the DeFi landscape. The entire Wolf Den ecosystem is designed to support GUARD over time.

How To Buy ?

WOLF PUPS GUARD & $WOLFIES are best purchased and sold through KnightSwap DEX, but can also be found on PancakeSwap and an ever-growing list of CEXs. Please note that, outside of KnightSwap, exchanges which support one token may not necessarily support the other.

Wolf Den Tier System

WOLF PUPS free content will be the basics: how to protect yourself, how to set up wallets, buy crypto, transfer crypto, etc. Token and protocol information is also publicly available on Medium, Twitter, and YouTube. This content is educational and non-prescriptive. While we will show you examples using our preferences, that does not mean you should follow them blindly. Further, if we use a protocol or asset that describes something that does not meet our criteria, that does not make it bad, malicious or ineffective protocol.

NFTS Style

WOLF PUPS The Wolf Den also utilizes NFTs (non fungible tokens) within the ecosystem. These NFTs are referred to as Non Fungible Wolves (NFW).

Within the ecosystem you will find 3 types of NFWs, which you can click on the link to learn more

  1. 1.Premium NFWs – Collectible 1 of 1s that also will have a marketplace revenue share
  2. 2.Ecosystem NFWs – Wolf Pup, Silver Guard, Golden Guard, Ultra Premium
  3. 3.Stuff & Things NFWs- Wolf Saws, Degengineering Replay Packages

Dark Spartan ($fSPA)

Fundamentally, the Spartans project vision is to educate, reward, and simplify the complicated world of Decentralized Finance (Defi) to crypto investors. Dark Spartan holders benefit by being a part of the powerful Decentralized Exchange (DEX) of the Dark KnightSwap ecosystem, being the first token that emits $dKNIGHT tokens to Dark Spartan holders. Being a part of the Knightswap ecosystem gives investors an opportunity to take advantage of the best staking pools on the Fantom Smart Chain.


WOLF PUPS believe that what goes around comes around. Many Wolf Den members and much of the crypto space has struggled with or is struggling with addiction. We frequently do events to bring awareness to those struggling with addiction, teach others about addiction and support Genius Recovery, which can be found

WOLF PUPS encourage you to give to Genius Recovery or any other cause that is important to you. Just remember that on your best days, it’s wise to pay it forward. On your worst days, the best thing to do is to help someone less fortunate than you.