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Eticoweb Web Hosting Review: Secure your files.

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About Eticoweb

Eticoweb was born from the desire to create an Ethical Hosting Provider, sensitive to the needs of surfers who want their own Internet space and equally sensitive to No-Profit / ONLUS realities. Not only that: this has decided to support the non-profit world, the solidarity economy, environmental protection, free software. Anyone who turns to Eticoweb knows they can count on a structure that, in the perspective of service and continuous assistance to the person and / or company, can best solve every need on the Internet, from simple Domain Registration to the placement of a Server.

In fact, becoming your customer also means contributing to the maintenance of non-profit association sites that create and / or host on your servers at favorable prices. Eticoweb is the tangible result of your philosophy that could summarize in one word: fairness. The Internet has given the opportunity to concretely express your way of living and working, which they would like to become everyone’s way.

Some Quick Facts Eticoweb Web Hosting

EticowebBasic Details
Hosting NameEticoweb
Price25€ IVA
Call Support02 87186765
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Eticoweb Price

Communication and Relationships

Eticoweb work with portfolio founders and teams from the beginning – whether iterating on protocol design, providing legal resources or acquiring new users. They provide portfolio with access to the tools and guidance on market insights, recruitment, growth strategies and more. They touch over 100 companies and entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector. A pride ourselves in supporting your extensive network and seeking out opportunities for cross-network communication and relationships.

As investors in leading crypto assets/protocols, they are active participants in governance processes, network staking and additional ways to support growth. They believe participatory services are a critical way Blockchain Captial can support early protocols and their teams. Eticoweb love hosting events at unique and collaborative Jackson Square headquarters in San Francisco. they have regular conferences, hold community happy hours, host protocol meetups and offer a space for family of entrepreneurs to gather when they are in town.

Binance Smart Chain

This is available on the Binance Smart Chain and rewards holders by paying them a stimulus. This stimulus comes from a 10% tax. Every time a transaction is made, the tax is redistributed as follows, 5% to holders, 3% for marketing & 2% to liquidity which creates a higher price floor over time. Upon signing in, you will have access to your account dashboard where you can make full use of BscScan’s features such as generating API keys. From there, you may click on Add to create a new key and give a name to your project. Each BscScan account is limited to creating 3 keys at any one time.

Receive interest income in USDC every quarter from bonds that back the USDap. The growing value of BAG helps grow the emission of USDap. USDap is a stablecoin done right. Algorithmic automated issuance, real-world assets as collateral, and publicly available oracles for real-time collateral verification. Eticoweb back USDap are stored by a licensed custodian in a stable jurisdiction. Anyone can check their availability any time online. No single protocol with fiat collateral has this level of transparency. Provide liquidity for the protocol and earn ample rewards.

Unique Opportunity

BAG holders receive coupon payments from bonds that back the USDap stable coin. Interest income in USDC is distributed among token holders every quarter. BondAppet is governed by its community. All token holders can participate in governing the protocol. Any member of the community with more than 1,000,000 BAG tokens can create a proposal. BondAppetit provides a unique opportunity for early investors. Invest early with a special offer. Purchase the first-ever decentralized stablecoin backed by real-world fixed-income securities.

BondAppetit creates an ecosystem with EAST, the first enterprise-grade DeFi protocol / stablecoin that combines real-world assets with crypto. Eticoweb is always looking for new partners to collaborate with. Drop us a line if you have a proposal or an idea. Former head of the Blockchain Lab at Deloitte. For over seven years, Artem has been one of the key opinion leaders in the CIS region in blockchain and tokenization. Since 2011, he has been a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur.

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