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What Is EggPlus (EGGPLUS) ? Complete Guide Review About EggPlus

What Is EggPlus (EGGPLUS) ?

EggPlus , the first incubation program by S6 Global through thorough devising action and strict screening method. S6 Global supporting EggPlus with US $1.5 million funds, also it will provide product packaging, operation support and promotion assistance. In addition, EggPlus will be listed on S6 Global Exchange, so as to truly present great project to everyone. EggPlus provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards holders with a sustainable fixed compound interest model by using its unique EAP protocol. Auto-Staking Protocol (EAP) is a new financial instrument, which makes staking easier, more efficient and also provides the highest stable cryptocurrency return for $EGGPLUS holders

EggPlus (EGGPLUS) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEggPlus
Short Name(EGGPLUS)
Circulating Supply3,584,751.00 EGGPLUS
Max Supply3,250,000,000
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How Does Auto-Staking Work?

EggPlus The automated staking function of EAP is a simple and advanced function called Buy-Hold-Earn, which provides the ultimate ease of use for $EGGPLUS holders. Buy-Hold-Earn – simply buy and hold $EGGPLUS in your wallet and you will receive a compound interest bonus as an interest payment directly deposited in your wallet. Receive more tokens every 15 minutes. Meaning to say if the token stays intact in the wallet, $EGGPLUS holders will receive compound interest of 183294% per year.

EggPlus Buy and Sell Fees Explained

EggPlus transaction fee is an important aspect of EAP. It funds the implementation of key functions of the project. The fees (15% buy and 15% sell) allows EggPlus to provide $EGGPLUS holders with a stable high yield of 183,294% per year.


5.0% – LP

10.0% – EAP-DAO


5.0% – Collaboration Medal NFT

5.0% – EIF Insurance Fund

2.5% – Consensus Fund

2.5% – Black Hole

EggPlus Insurance Fund (EIF)

EggPlus It is an independent wallet in EAP system. EIF uses an algorithm that supports rebase rewards and is supported by some transaction costs generated in EIF wallet. Simply put, it is supported by the EIF parameter at 0.021447% every 15 minutes to ensure that $EGGPLUS token holders receive high and stable interest rates. 5% of all transaction costs are stored in the insurance fund, which helps to maintain and support the pledge incentives provided by the positive base.

EggPlus-FOUND funds will be established from 5% of sell transaction. The free fund will use the fund to invest in the most promising digital assets, of which 50% of the profits will go into the repurchasing pool; 25% will be used to repurchase $EGGPLUS and transfer to Egg Disposal and 25% will be used to repurchase $EGGPLUS to increase liquidity. Through the funds, it supports better the high point of APY 183,294%.

EggPlus Auto-Liquidity Engine (EALE)

EggPlus Generally speaking, liquidity is regarded as a large amount of money, which is distributed in a proportion of 50/50 between $EGGPLUS and $USDT. There is a conversion ratio set to the number of $EGGPLUS you can get through $BNB, for example: 100 USDT = 50 EGGPLUS. When someone buys $EGGPLUS, the price of each $EGGPLUS will rise, and the above ratio will change at the same time. The same is true in the opposite direction of sales

EggPlus Liquidity allows anyone to buy and sell their /USDT at any time, but the less money/liquidity in the pool, the worse the price you get, so what Auto Liquidity Engine (EALE) does is to increase more liquidity, the pool itself and solve the problem.

Partnership Medal NFT

EggPlus 5% of sell transaction will turn to dividend, it will be distributed to all NFT holders; Such dividends will be generated whenever there is a sale transaction, and partners can receive them through the interface. Claimable bonus per NFT = total bonus / number of NFTs