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What Is BunnyPark Game(BG)Review ? Complete Guide Review About Game

What Is BunnyPark Game(BG)Review ?

BunnyPark Game is a DeFi + NFT project deployed on BSC with the main focus on NFT “SaaS” incubation and product standardization that allow the output of NFT development standards, diverse gameplay, product rules and application values into a series of standard smart contracts. As the Lego provider in the NFT sector, BunnyPark is able to provide many NFT and GameFi developer teams and artists a platform to create quick combinations of NFT products.

BunnyPark Game owns an independent “SaaS” incubation fund and is always open to accepting applications from developer teams and artists. The successful teams that pass the evaluation process will receive comprehensive support from the incubation fund in terms of fundings, R&D, mathematical models, operations, etc.

BunnyPark Game Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBunnyPark Game
Short Name (BG)
Circulating Supply44,458,165.00 BG
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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BunnyPark Token (BP)

Token name:BunnyPark Token ticker:BP Blockchain:BinanceSmartChain(BEP-20) Contract Address:0xACB8f52DC63BB752a51186D1c55868ADbFfEe9C1

Token Output (Major Updates)

BunnyPark Game output follows Binance Smart Chain blocks. The initial output was at block height 6871000 and thereafter, the output is reduced every 864000 blocks (about one month), each time reducing the current output by 10%, for a total of 21 cycles. The total output duration is 22 cycles (months).

BunnyPark Game Token(BG)

BunnyPark Game is a one-stop game token launched for the SaaS ecosystem. BG will be used to participate in all SaaS incubated projects, including IBOs, GameBox, BlindBox, and participation in the game processes. This way, all SaaS GameFi will be connected to form a seamless BSC game circle. BG is not available via pre-sale but can only be obtained through participation in the SaaS ecosystem.

BG Token

Token Name: BunnyParkGame

Token Ticker: BG

Block Chain: BinanceSmartChain (BEP20)

– Contract Address: 0xd04c116c4f02f3cca44b7d4e5209225c8779c8b8

– Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

– Initial Liquidity1: 1.88% (18,800,000 BG-2,000,000 BP)

– Initial Liquidity 2: 0.182346% (1,823,460 BG-200,000 BUSD)

– BG Games Ecosystem Output: 97.9376% (979,376,000)

Adventure Bunny

BunnyPark Game Adventure Bunny is a fun and relaxing adventure game. Players can collect and train Adventure Bunnies to travel to major cities around the world and earn huge profits along the way. Adventure Bunny not only allows players to enjoy the fun of the game but the integration of P2E components also allows them to earn while playing. All assets obtained in-game, including $BG and various NFTs are completely stored on BSC blockchain and can be freely traded among players in a completely decentralized manner.

Responsibilities: 1. Design and develop smart contracts according to the given requirements; 2. Independently deploy and test the contract; 3. Be responsible for the research of related technology and overcoming the technical difficulties, and continuously optimize the performance; 4. Other work related to the position.

Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, at least 3 years experience in smart contract development; 2. Familiar with solid language, common security vulnerability solutions, independent development, integration, deployment, reconfiguration and tuning of smart contracts; 3. Familiar with DAPP, experience in defi project is preferred; 4. Familiar with metamask, TP wallet and other common wallets.

Good to have: 1. Have a deep understanding of smart contract security; 2. Familiar with typescript; 3. Have a deep understanding of BSC, Ethereum and other public chains.


BunnyPark Game GameBox is the application portal of the SaaS incubator as well as the showcase portal of incubated projects where all confirmed incubation applications and projects launched by the SaaS incubator will be displayed.

BunnyPark Game GameBox will be opened to third-party platforms and independent projects in the future. As an on-chain application marketplace for NFT and GameFi on BSC, this segment will allow users to quickly browse and experience the latest and most comprehensive GameFi products.

GameFi projects that land on GameBox via BunnyPark SaaS incubator will have the opportunity to be quickly included and listed by Binance NFT.