Wallet Review: The Best Financial Tools Wallet Review: The Best Financial Tools


At, they believe digital assets will drive the global financial system. The clients choose because they need services and solutions they can trust. BitGo’s solution is built on top of the strongest technological foundation in the industry, allowing to provide clients with an integrated solution for digital assets that mitigates risk and optimizes capital efficiency.BitGo’s products appeal to all types of clients.

From high-net-worth investors to leveraged traders to institutional clients, clients require the highest levels of security, technology, and compliance. As a regulated, qualified custodian, BitGo is able to provide the true peace of mind that fiduciaries require to work with digital assets. They deliver standards, such as CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and SOC2, while also working with the most trusted brands in the industry and offering clients the most comprehensive insurance available in the market today.

How They got here

In 2012, CEO Mike Belshe was impressed by the technology behind Bitcoin and the emerging cryptocurrency market for its novelty and its ability to change financial markets as we know them. He manually built air-gapped storage systems for himself and many prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley. As an internet pioneer and creator of the HTTP/2.0 protocol, Mike had witnessed the rise-and-rise of malware on the Internet.

As Bitcoin prices rose, he feared his hobbyist’s state-of-the-art air-gapped solution was not sufficient for the value he was securing. They continued his research into Bitcoin and better solutions, and pioneered the first commercially ready multi-signature wallets. These early projects led to the creation of in 2013 and is the foundation of 100% multi-signature system.

Wallet Platform

Securely integrate digital assets into your portfolio

The wallet platform creates an ideal balance between security and accessibility—enabling clients to move assets seamlessly and reliably, protected by the pioneering multi-signature security, multi-user policy controls, and advanced security configurations.

Security designed to fit your needs offers flexible wallet security and transaction policy features to address a range of business needs. Protect your wallet against any single point of failure with The multi-signature security and 3-key management. Enforce controls and policies using whitelists, velocity limits, and administrative approvals.

SOC 2 Type 2 has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit for its hot wallet platform. We are committed to securely managing your data and protecting both the interests of your organization and the privacy of your clients. They has established and follows strict policies and procedures encompassing information security, processing, integrity, and confidentiality to provide the highest quality solutions and the safest, most secure environment for your sensitive data.

Key recovery service insurance

Key recovery service (KRS) insurance for self-custodied keys are available through a trusted third-party provider. Protect your digital assets against loss or theft and have total peace of mind.

Hot and Cold Wallet Solutions

BitGo Custody only qualified custodian purpose-built for digital assets

Cold storage & hot wallet access via the web and API$

1 million USD minimum account value

400+ coins and tokens supported

24/5 global customer support

24/7 emergency phone support

BitGo Business Wallet

The only institutional-grade, multi-signature, multi-coin transactional wallet

  1. Hot wallet access via the web and API
  2. $1 million USD minimum monthly transaction volume
  3. 400+ coins and tokens supported
  4. 24/5 global customer support
  5. 24/7 emergency phone support

BitGo Pay As You Go

The leading multi-signature hot wallet for individuals.

  1. Hot wallet access via the web and API
  2. No contract
  3. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Zcash, Stellar, and Dash support only
  4. Email support only

The Gold Standard for Custody

Safeguard your digital assets with qualified, insured cold storage custody at Trust Company—a regulated Trust Company under the Division of Banking in South Dakota. Cold storage assets are held in segregated accounts, insured and secured by battle-tested and peer-reviewed multi-signature security. Clients receive quarterly account statements and risk assessments. They Trust is regularly audited by a governing body and required to meet rigorous standards for capitalization, anti-money laundering procedures, confidentiality, auditing, reporting, and storage.

The complete institutional platform for digital asset investors

Integrated liquidity, lending, and custody—purpose-built for institutional investors. solutions combine enhanced asset protection with operational ease and efficiency. Your assets are insured and stored at The Trust Company, the regulated entity, and protected by multi-signature security.

Multi-Currency Platform is the chosen platform for digital currency security. Leveraging single unified API platform, customers can store and secure a growing list of digital currencies in the security-first, multi-signature wallets. Avoid the hassle of developing to multiple APIs for each coin or token, and greatly reduce the time to market. wallets support the most widely held cryptocurrencies and new coins are made available on a regular basis. Support for hard forks and airdrops are based on a number of criteria, including technical stability, market capitalization and liquidity.