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What Is Bedpage Coin (BED)? Complete Guide Review About Bedpage Coin.

What Is Bedpage Coin (BED)?

Bedpage Coin is a classified advertising website that was founded in 2011. They offer a user-friendly interface, multiple categories with relevant ads, global reach, advanced keyword algorithm for search engine optimisation (SEO), and more. Through your security, transparency and customer-centric approach, they have established yourselves as one of the best websites in the classified advertising space. The purpose of BED is to enhance your user experience and differentiate yourselves from your competitors, such as Leolist and Kijiji. bedpage believes in privacy, security, and censorship resistance, qualities integral to cryptocurrencies.

Bedpage Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBedpage Coin
Short NameBED
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Bedpage Coin As A Payment Method

The primary utility of BED is to power payments on your website. Therefore, it needs to have high throughput and low latency. Bedpage Coin has successfully achieved both of those attributes. It can handle more than 60 transactions per second (TPS), and the cost of each transaction is minimal (approximately $0.15 per transaction).

Why Did Choose Binance Smart Chain?

As mentioned earlier, Bedpage Coin aim to create a cost-effective mode of transaction for your users. The BSC network allowed to do just that without sacrificing flexibility or interoperability. Working with BSC and BEP20 expands the possibilities and enriches your coin’s usability with cross-chain or multi-token options. The cryptocurrency space is highly dynamic and experiences extreme boom and bust cycles. The projects that overcome these cycles achieve consistent growth for an extended period. Keeping that in mind and continuing with your customer-centric approach, they devised a four-phase roadmap that will likely achieve long-term growth.

Boom and Bust Cycle

Traditionally, the boom and bust cycle is a process of economic expansion and contraction that occurs repeatedly. It is a crucial characteristic of a capitalist economy. Such cycles are also highly prevalent in the cryptocurrency space. Binance Smart Chain, or BSC, is a blockchain made to run smart contracts. It works in parallel with Binance Chain, Binance’s first blockchain used on its non-custodial exchange. Learning from the shortcomings of Ethereum, Binance focused on preventing network congestion in its design. The consensus algorithm on BSC is currently PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) and is a variant of Ethereum’s “PoS” (proof-of-stake) algorithm.

Detailed Breakdown

15% of the total supply will be distributed (for free) via an airdrop event. Bedpage Coin are conducting this event to reward users because this project would not be possible without them. Thus, the eligibility criteria for the airdrop is to have been a user of for over three years. 5% of the total supply is allocated to the private sale to grant early access to those who aren’t long time users of but share the same passion and interest in your project. 10% of the total supply is allocated to marketing. Using your token towards marketing expenditures is valuable as it aligns the incentives of your marketers with the investors and team of the project.


An airdrop is a marketing strategy that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses to promote awareness. Small amounts of the cryptocurrency are sent to the wallets of active community members for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency. Bedpage Coin is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. You can think of it as a blueprint for tokens that define rules for their usage, such as who can spend them, how they can spend them etc. Due to its similarity to Binance Chain’s BEP-2 and Ethereum’s ERC-20, it’s compatible with both.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies (typically for other cryptocurrencies or conventional fiat money). Bedpage Coin operates on an order-book model, i.e. it takes the asks (sell orders) and bids (buy orders) at different price levels of an asset to determine the market price. The study of the economics of cryptocurrencies is called tokenomics. It fundamentally involves the issuance and distribution of tokens. Some of the factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens include utility, market cap, token distribution, total supply, circulating supply etc.


Bedpage Coin Roadmap
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