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Banan Web Hosting Review: Complete website No worries.

About Banan

The central leitmotif of your work in the company, your efforts, is to enable the creation of unique websites tailored to everyone, including small or starting entrepreneurs, schools, smaller municipalities, the non-profit sector, and individuals. In short, anyone who, on the one hand, cannot afford a website for several tens of thousands from a specialized web studio, on the other hand, who does not like the uniform solutions of popular online web services. They found your unique place in the market and brought you a tailor-made solution at the price of a boxed solution.

At the same time, Banan realize that, as your clients, you will definitely appreciate a comprehensive service from A to Z, where they create a customized website with a unique graphic template, provide a domain, web hosting and email services, fill the website with your content and optimize it for Google and Seznam search engines. On the other hand, you will welcome simplicity, they take care of your website continuously throughout the duration of the service, they do not force you to learn to control your editorial system, they will edit or update everything on the website for you. In addition, your helpful customer support is always at your disposal.

Some Quick Facts Banan Web Hosting

BananBasic Details
Hosting NameBanan
Price180 CZK/month
Call Support+420 608 611 883
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Banan Price

Your website creation philosophy

Banan services are backed by a sophisticated corporate workflow, internal automated systems, self-developed applications, and a well-designed editorial system. They are maximally efficient, they are a well-coordinated team where everyone knows exactly and routinely what to do, how and when to do it. All software and hardware systems are your own, there is no room for outsourcing in your company. They use the most modern technologies to create websites. Thanks to all this, they can offer you an unbeatable price. You can rely on professionals who have rich and many years of experience without any worries.

Creation of modern customized websites

Based on your requirements, your graphic designers will draw a unique and functional graphic design for you and create web pages that meet your needs and corporate style, that will appeal to you and that will bring you customers. Your SEO specialists will analyze your website and your keywords of interest. Subsequently, they optimize the website appropriately so that it is friendly to search engines and that you are well visible on Google and Seznam. You can easily and intuitively edit the content of your pages using your smart editorial system, but you don’t have to. If you don’t have time to fill out the website, update news or photos, they will gladly do everything for you.

Editorial system for creating www pages

They have developed your own editorial system for easy website creation. It contains all the functions you expect from such a system, such as a text editor, a photo gallery or your pride, advanced forms. They will securely host your website on your powerful and regularly backed-up servers with round-the-clock monitoring. They do not limit the size of the space for your data or the number of email accounts. They are a certified registrar of Czech, foreign and multinational domains. They will register any domain of your choice for you. Czech domains are maximally protected by DNSSEC technology.

Banan don’t just hide behind emails, chat and help, but you can also contact the specialists of your customer center by phone at 608 611 883. They will quickly and willingly solve all your questions and requests. Need to promote your website? Your marketing specialists will create an effective and engaging advertising campaign for you in search engines and content networks. They measure the performance of advertising and you will receive a detailed report every month.

Website Development Worry Free

Banan are Baná, a well-coordinated team of enthusiastic experts, from graphic designers, programmers to marketers who enjoy their work and have years of experience behind them. They will gladly create a modern, comprehensive and successful website tailored for you. For, it doesn’t end with the creation of pages, this take care of your website continuously throughout its operation.

So you can be completely worry-free and focus on your business. Become your next important and satisfied customer. They believe in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, which is why can afford to offer you a complete set of website creation, including custom graphics, SEO and content management at an unbeatable price of CZK 180 per month.

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