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Quality-host Web Hosting Review: Affordable and effectivesolutions for yourbusiness.

About Quality-host

Quality-host provide quality services at very affordable prices. When it comes to online hosting they strive for excellence. A state of the art data centre, fully redundant in terms of power and connectivity, impeccably organised, using top notch server and network technology. Redundant power supply with a total installed power of 100 kw. The operating environment is provided by the air conditioning system, N+1 redundancy with synchronized control of in-line cooling units.

Electrical protection against electric current drops automatic diesel generators, battery bank with 32 pieces / bench, 100Ah capacity for each battery. Quality-host have 10 hardened steel racks: maximum 47 units, depth 1200 mm, standard width 19 “. Rack Power System (PDU): For each rack, 2 x PDUs per 3 phases at 400V, maximum 11 kw redundancy/rack power, each PDU being equipped with 24 IEC13 outlets and 6 IEC19 outlets.

Some Quick Facts Quality-host Web Hosting

Quality-hostBasic Details
Hosting NameQuality-host
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Quality-host Price

Service Activation

The Provider reserves the right to refuse or delay activations that are contrary to the laws or rules specific to each registrar, separately. The Clients shall be informed of such activation delays or refusals within 24 hours from the time of the regular activation time. Virtual server, resource group, dedicated server and colocation accounts are activated within 4:00 hours from payment confirmation. Remote desktop service accounts are activated within 48 hours from payment confirmation. The provider may refuse orders or clients as a result of outstanding payments, abusive use of the Services or other activities that are contrary to the applicable laws.

Quality-host due date or the expiry date of a Service is the day by which payment must be performed so that the Service is automatically extended. The Provider reserves the right to discontinue the Services on the due date or the expiry date, without prior notice. The issuance of the invoice 10 days prior to expiration is considered to serve as an expiration notification. The Services are automatically discontinued on their expiration date, at 00.00 GMT+2. To activate the Services, an email shall be sent to the indicated by the Client on the order form. The Service is considered to be activated when the e-mail is sent by the Provider.

Data Confidentiality

All contact details and customer identification information of the Client which the Provider receives via the Site or in connection to the Services shall be confidential, and the Provider shall keep such information safe. The Provider has the approval of the ANSPDCP to collect and process personal data in secure conditions. The Provider reserves the right to send the data belonging to Clients that do not honor orders, abuse the Site or conduct activities that are contrary to the effective Romanian laws etc. to joint databases available to operators of similar services. In case of official notices received from the authorities, under the laws of Romania or international law, the Provider shall transmit the identification details of the Clients performing abuse or conducting activities that are inconsistent with the applicable Romanian or international laws.

The Provider is obligated to keep the access date of existing Clients secure, as well as to provide such information only to the persons designated in the process of registering the account. Quality-host Placing orders, entering or modifying main contact details that are not according to reality (name, company name, personal identification number, VAT Number, Trade Registry Registration number, City, State, Country) constitute false statements and may be interpreted as attempted fraud. The Provider reserves the right to request copies of the Clients’ identity/identification documents in order to verify their compliance with the data included in the order form.

Legal liability

The Provider will not refund payments performed from the accounts covered by Art. 3 / par. f. if it is determined that false information was used in the process of completing the order form. Orders cannot be placed by proxy or other methods of concealing one’s identity. Any accounts created as such shall be immediately deleted. Quality-host Clients who are not 16 years of age at the time of setting up their account can only operate from an account opened in the name of one of their parents or legal guardians.

The accounts of children under 16 years of age will be immediately closed and services discontinued until the clarification of the legal status of the account. This entails transferring the legal liability for the actions of minors to their legal representatives. The Provider reserves the right to suspend and notify the Clients who fail to comply with the data form.

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